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Jared Loughner: Beta Male

Posted on | January 12, 2011 | 17 Comments

No doubt about it, if this guy hadn’t become a mass-murderer, he would have been a blog troll:

A trove of 131 online-forum postings written between April and June 2010 . . . provides insight into Mr. Loughner’s mind-set in the year leading up to Saturday’s shootings in Tucson . . .
The online postings paint a picture of a disturbed young man trying to impress his peers and struggling to find a purpose to his life. . . .
The online-forum messages exhibit a growing frustration that, at 22 years of age, Mr. Loughner couldn’t land a minimum-wage job and was spurned by women. By May 15, he wrote, he hadn’t had a paycheck in six months. A month later, he wrote that he had submitted 65 applications, yet “no interview.” . . .
The postings exhibit fixations on grammar, the education system, government and currency. . . . They are peppered with displays of misogyny. . . .
Gaming appears to have been an important part of Mr. Loughner’s life.

Read the whole thing. Speaking of nonsensical fixations, Newsweek has published a weird story trying once again to depict Loughner as a right-wing extremist:

The writer of that irresponsible and misguided article is Aaron Mehta of the non-profit Center for Public Integrity. Ace of Spades is in fine form about this ridiculous exercise in phony “investigative” journalism:

This is what American liberal journalism is reduced to — lying by implication. . . .
Note to the media: If a lie is so obvious and disprovable that you are forbidden to state it directly, isn’t that a sign you shouldn’t imply the fuck out of it? . . .
This is the new technique. Don’t explicitly connect the dots, just put the dots an inch apart and let the viewer connect them.

Read the whole thing. I’ll point out that the “executive editor” at the Center for Public Integrity is John Solomon — when he was hired as editor at The Washington Times, I quit. And then after Solomon ran the newspaper straight into the ground, he went to work for this left-wing smear machine.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that the purported Department of Homeland Security memo, alleging that Jared Loughner was tied to an anti-immigration group was, in fact, authored by a couple of second bananas at the Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center. The commander of that agency says he has no idea why or how these state employees made that spurious claim. But they’ve got government jobs; competence is not a requirement and they can never be fired.

Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik is an elected official, so it is to be hoped the voters will turn him out at the next election.


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