The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Crazy People Are Dangerous: Woman in Viral Rant Blames QAnon, Mental Illness

Melissa Rein Lively was a successful Phoenix businesswoman, CEO of her own marketing and public relations firm, The Brand Consortium. She “had developed a reputation for living a posh lifestyle and organizing red carpet events, business openings, fashion shows and charity events in Arizona.” But that was before she cracked up and “went viral” in […]

Mandatory ‘Struggle Sessions’ in Arizona

  Robert Shibley, executive director of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), calls attention to how “critical race theory” indoctrination is made mandatory at universities: Teaching about anti-racism in a state university Intro to Communications class is one thing. Telling students they have to do “inner work” on their beliefs as college classwork […]

‘Drop the Knife!’

Two weeks ago, we brought you the story of Daniel Hernandez, who was shot to death in Los Angeles after refusing to comply with a police officer’s repeated command: “Drop the knife!” You might think people would have learned this lesson by now, but stupidity is pandemic: An intoxicated, knife-wielding man was shot as he […]

The Case of the COVID-19 ‘Black Widow’: Police Are Investigating Wanda Lenius

  Last month, I told you about how Wanda poisoned her husband Gary in Arizona — allegedly, I hasten to add, because certainly I myself have no direct knowledge of the matter and wouldn’t want to deal with the hassle of a libel suit. I’m just repeating what Ace said, a defense that would probably […]

Arizona Democrat ‘Summoned Witches’ to Attend 2003 Anti-War Protest Event

  Further evidence that Democrats are servants of the forces of darkness: Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate in Arizona], is not a witch. But she has been known to hang out with witches. It was during the height of the Iraq War when Sinema, then a far-left protest organizer, summoned supernatural […]

Deranged Stalker: ‘When You’re Finding Love, Not Everything Is Perfect’

  Just yesterday, I warned (again) that online dating is a bad idea. How bad is it? On “an online dating service for millionaire matchmaking,” according to KPHO-TV in Phoenix, a guy met this nightmare: A woman accused of sending a Paradise Valley, Arizona man 65,000 text messages tried to explain her actions in a […]

Feminist Insanity at Taxpayer Expense: ‘Intersectional Quantum Physics’

Whitney Stark is applying feminist theory to quantum physics. “[N]ew materialist feminisms help to recognize how multiple phenomena work together to behave in what can become legible at any given moment as a body. By utilizing the materiality of conceptions about connectivity often thought to be merely theoretical, by taking a critical look at the […]

Bring Back the Firing Squad

Joseph R. Wood III was 30 when he murdered his ex-girlfriend, Debbie Dietz, 29, and her father, Gene Dietz, 55, in Tucson in 1989. Because our legal system has been encumbered by federal court concessions to the “rights” of murderers, it took 25 years to impose justice on this cowardly hateful killer. Also, because of […]

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