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Three Jobs in One?

Posted on | January 13, 2011 | 3 Comments

My buddy Matt Keller explains to employers: When you advertise for a “Social Media [Insert Noun Here]” — options include “Coordinator,” “Specialist,” “Mystic Zombie Overlord” — don’t expect that person also to code your Web site, maintain your servers and water the ficus tree in the lobby:

They want someone with HTML, they want someone with various Programming language knowledge and Dreamweaver and Photoshop skills. They basically want to fill a job with three jobs: Social Media; Web Engineer; Graphic Designer.
Here’s the rub. Unless you’re creating your own Social Media Network the latter two jobs have little (note: I didn’t say “nothing”) to do with Social Media skills in their current evolution.

Read the whole thing. BTW, “graphic design” is a service you can contract out. Ask yourself this: What are the odds of a Web designer or an IT guy also being a Mystic Zombie Overlord of Social Media?


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