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LIVE AT FIVE – 2.11.11

Posted on | February 11, 2011 | 6 Comments

Mubarak Transfers Power To VP Suleiman; Protesters Enraged (Video)

Egyptian President Mubarak addresses his revolting people

Obama Calls Latest Move Insufficient

Military Caught Between Mubarak And Protesters

Massive Protests Expected Friday

“And I tell you here, as a head of state, I do not find any embarrassment at all in listening to the youth of my country, and to satisfying their demands. But the embarrassment would only lie in the fact — and I would never permit — is that I would listen to any sort of intervention that would come from outside, from the outside world, whatever the source is, whatever the intention behind them are.”

(h/t PJ Tatler)

Bachmann Calls For Conservative Unity

Minnesotan's fiery speech draws cheers and applause

Calls for conservatives to pull together, take the Senate and White House in 2012

CPAC: A Carnival Of Conservatism

Obama Promotes High-Speed Wireless For America

Arizona Counter-sues Feds Over Immigration, Border Security

Brown, Kerry Denounce Heating Aid Cuts

Senator Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) Retiring; Seat Considered Safe For GOP

Verizon Has A New IPhone? Not Really
Dow Winning Streak Ends
Oil Up On Egyptian Concerns, Moderated By Ample U.S. Inventory
HP TouchPad Looks Promising, But Will Users Wait For It?
Microsoft Readies IE9 Browser With More Privacy Controls

Ray Allen Sets Career Three-Point Record

Ray allen sinks his 2,561st three-pointer

However, the Celtics still lost to the Lakers 86-92. 🙁

Jazz Coach Jerry Sloan Steps Down

Bruins Win Wild, Fight-Filled Match Against Habs, 8-6

Steve Marino, D.A. Points Take Charge at Pebble Beach – With A Little Help From Bill Murray

AL MVP Hamilton Inks Two-Year Deal With Rangers (Video)

Reutimann Enters Daytona 500 As NASCAR Late Bloomer

L.A. Financier To Buy Detroit’s Pistons

Lemaire Gets 600th Win As Devils Edge Leafs

U.Cal Drops The Ball In Handling Endangered Sports Programs

Redskins Owner So Awful People Buy Vanity Plates To Insult Him

Vanessa Hudgens: Too Risque For Disney?

Vanessa Hudgens. Wet.

The Details interview.

Teacher, Heidi Montag’s Whining Again

Police Report Pokes Holes In Jeweler’s Accusations Against Lindsay

Scarlett Johansen “Smitten” With Sean Penn

Kelsey Grammer: Officially Divorced

More Sucking Up To Lady Gaga, This Time At Vogue

Charlie Sheen Divorce Set

Pete Wentz: I Did NOT Want A Divorce!

Britney Done With La Vida Loca, Settling Down?

Dominic Cooper Stakes Key Role In “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”

Wide-Ranging Talks To Resume Between India & Pakistan
PRC Investment Making Cambodia Rowdy Toward Thailand?
Assange Accused Of Siring At Least Four Bastards
Mullahocracy Pressures Iranian Opposition Not To Demonstrate
Norks Report Foot-And-Mouth Outbreak Amid Ongoing Food Shortages
Or, as it is also called in the DPRK, Friday.

Left Coast Rebel: I Found RINO Droppings At CPAC
Cubachi: Trump Puts Down Paulbots – “By The Way, Ron Paul Cannot Get Elected”
The Jawa Report: DNI Clapper – Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Mostly Secular (Video)
Dan Collins: Did Obama Screw The Basenji?
Allahpundit: New CPAC Chief – We Might Have To Dump GOProud For Taunting The Boycotters
AmSpecBlog: GOProud Chairman Apologizes For “Nasty Bigot” Remark
The Corner: 51 Votes To Obamacare Repeal?

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