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Rule 5 SundayMonday: Ready To Go

Posted on | February 14, 2011 | 4 Comments

As usual, Soylent Green manages to be first in the Rule 5 mailbox, with a post that manages to combine criticism of Australian politicos with a non-gratuitous nude photo. Don’t try this at home, kids, this sort of posting is best left to professional bloggers. He then goes on a roll, proposing a (NSFW) solution for Egypt’s problems, posting THE Agent Provocateur ad (with additional imagery), and finally postponing the Friday Night Corset Revue to Saturday. Understandably so!

The Rio Norte Line pulls in with what appears to be a comprehensive review of British TV star Jennifer Metcalfe. Yow.

On this side of the pond, Wyblog informs us that Miley Cyrus is slated to host an upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live. Remember when that show was funny? Me, too. But we’re both pretty old.

Not to be outdone by Soylent, Bob Belvedere turns his spotlight on Marina Augusta Baker, Kimberly Evenson, and a double bill of the late Tura Satana and Maria Schneider; he also sends links to some CPAC Rule 5 hotness and some non-CPAC hotness as well. Thus we see that competition helps improve Rule 5 posts as well!

I’d like to know just how Dustbury found Abi Titmuss. Especially in that very appropriate lack of costume. On the other hand, finding out that Christina Ricci no longer looks much like Wednesday Addams (or Morticia, for that matter) is depressing, and I’m just going to move along.

At this point I must pause and give honorable mention to Great Satan’s Girlfriend, who adorns her every post with Rule 5 goodness. Come for the cheesecake, stay for the meaty politico-military main course!

Fortunately, Maggie’s Notebook is there to restore my spirits with a nice collection of J-Lo pix, some of which are mas desnuda que los otros.This is followed up with an interesting photo essay on dictators’ wives, which includes some very attractive young ladies as well as some who have aged quite well. Make with the clicky and check it out!

Last but not least, DaleyGator’s DaleyBabe Playoffs are in their fourth round. Head over there and vote on the following matchups:

  • Evangeline Lilly v. Ali Landry
  • Sela Ward v. Jennifer Love Hewitt
  • Elisabeth Shue v. Jessica Alba
  • Shania Twain v. Minka Kelly
  • Gemma Atkinson v. Monica Bellucci
  • Kaley Cuoco v. Kate Beckinsale
  • Kelly Brook v. Alyssa Milano
  • Halle Berry v. Leeann Tweeden

That’s all the Rule 5 goodness for this week. Send your links to me at the Rule 5 Wombat mailbox, and keep your pimp hand strong. Not like this guy.


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