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Koch Brothers: Inside the Left’s Head

Posted on | February 24, 2011 | 15 Comments

John Hinderaker at Powerline: “The most extraordinary story in the news these days is the all-out assault that the Left is mounting against Charles and David Koch and their company, Koch Enterprises.”

The Kochs are to this decade what “Big Oil” was to the Bush era: The Left’s all-purpose villain. Last month I wrote about Koch gathering at Rancho Mirage, which drew a protest mob that included former “green jobs czar” Van Jones.

For all their ranting about Glenn Beck and conspiracy theories, it’s the Left that has a paranoid obsession with enemies and scapegoats whom they depict as sinister forces conspiring malevolently against them.

Back in the 1990s, the Left blamed everything on the “Religious Right,” the NRA and Rush Limbaugh. Then, during the Bush era, it was Big Oil and “neocons.” Now it’s Fox News and the Koch Brothers.

But it’s always something, you see? The Left can never accept the possibility that their policies don’t work, or that their agenda is genuinely unpopular, and so they require a demonized enemy — a hate-object — to explain their political failures.

Union thugs get bussed in for a protest and one of them roughs up Tabitha Hale and no one — no one — on the Left stops to think: “Hey, maybe we’re carried this demonization stuff against ‘teabaggers’ a little too far.”

No, they don’t do that. They can’t do that. Because that would involve accepting responsibility, and considering the possibility that they might be wrong, and if they ever started thinking that way — if they could ever extract their heads from their rectums long enough to realize that the world doesn’t work the way they’ve been told — they wouldn’t be on the Left much longer.


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