The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Tedious Royal Celebrities

There is stupid, then there’s royal stupid, which is much more stupid than common stupidity. This afternoon, I spent several hours writing a couple of thousand words about that intensely stupid Oprah interview with Prince Harry and that dollar-discount Duchess of his. It’s about racism. Why? Because it’s 2021 and everything is racism. Excuse me […]

Email From Our ‘Friends’ at the SPLC

A few years ago, some fiendish troll decided to put me on the mailing list for the Southern Poverty Law Center, which of course, already had me on their other list, IYKWIMAITYD. But as with Joseph being sold into Egyptian slavery by his brothers, while my enemy meant this prank for evil, God meant it […]

Oh, Please, Give Me Another Unnecessary Lecture About Classical Liberalism

Nothing annoys me quite so much as people who presume me to be so ignorant of political philosophy that they must tutor me. Sometimes this happens in the comments (you know who you are) whenever I use the word “liberal” to mean, roughly, whatever Democrats believe this week. Conservatism, in the American sense, is opposition […]

The Enemies of Happiness

Professor Reynolds remarks: “My daughter has already noticed that the folks in her circle who are most into ‘activism’ of various sorts are mostly the ones whose careers and lives seem to be going the worst.” And this is certainly not a coincidence. Political “activism,” as promoted by the Left, is entirely destructive in its […]

Claiming to Be Victim of Twitter Nazis, Liberal Defends Anti-Christian ‘Joke’

  There may be people who think Jon Schwarz is funny, but those people are mentally ill, and we’re not allow to laugh at mentally ill people. For example, you could get banned from Twitter for “misgendering” a lunatic like Anthony Halliday a/k/a “Stephanie Hayden.” If you say that a man is not a woman, […]

Feminist Mom: ‘Memes Are Turning Teenage Boys Into White Supremacists!’

  MORROW COUNTY, Ohio Saturday morning, we were driving across West Virginia, and my wife asked me to find some Christian music on the radio. So I’m searching down on the low end of the FM bandwidth — between 88 and 92, where such stations are usually found — and I come across an NPR […]

Twitter Bans Iraq Veteran Jesse Kelly; Glenn Reynolds Quits Platform in Protest

  Silicon Valley’s war against free speech continues: Federalist Contributor Jesse Kelly was permanently suspended from Twitter on Sunday for “repeat violations of the Twitter rules,” according to a message from Twitter Support. Kelly is a combat Veteran Marine, conservative radio host, and former Republican candidate for U.S. Congress. Twitter did not explain what rules […]

Thank God for Liberals

  If it weren’t for liberals, we might enjoy our turkey in peace: Around this time every year, coastal media trot out a series of articles “preparing” a very particular set of readers for encounters with opinions unlike their own, which says more about them than the subject of their writing, but anyway… This year […]

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