The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Claiming to Be Victim of Twitter Nazis, Liberal Defends Anti-Christian ‘Joke’

  There may be people who think Jon Schwarz is funny, but those people are mentally ill, and we’re not allow to laugh at mentally ill people. For example, you could get banned from Twitter for “misgendering” a lunatic like Anthony Halliday a/k/a “Stephanie Hayden.” If you say that a man is not a woman, […]

Feminist Mom: ‘Memes Are Turning Teenage Boys Into White Supremacists!’

  MORROW COUNTY, Ohio Saturday morning, we were driving across West Virginia, and my wife asked me to find some Christian music on the radio. So I’m searching down on the low end of the FM bandwidth — between 88 and 92, where such stations are usually found — and I come across an NPR […]

Twitter Bans Iraq Veteran Jesse Kelly; Glenn Reynolds Quits Platform in Protest

  Silicon Valley’s war against free speech continues: Federalist Contributor Jesse Kelly was permanently suspended from Twitter on Sunday for “repeat violations of the Twitter rules,” according to a message from Twitter Support. Kelly is a combat Veteran Marine, conservative radio host, and former Republican candidate for U.S. Congress. Twitter did not explain what rules […]

Thank God for Liberals

  If it weren’t for liberals, we might enjoy our turkey in peace: Around this time every year, coastal media trot out a series of articles “preparing” a very particular set of readers for encounters with opinions unlike their own, which says more about them than the subject of their writing, but anyway… This year […]

The Compulsory Approval Doctrine

News Item #1: Harvard is now determined to ostracize, censor, and ultimately root out orthodox Christianity from a university that was founded to train ministers in the Puritan tradition. That is the inevitable conclusion to be drawn from the school’s little-noticed decision this year to suspend and defund the largest evangelical fellowship on campus. The […]

The Left Is Attacking Free Speech — and Helping ISIS Target Its Enemies

  Last week brought further attacks on free speech from the Left. Daily Beast reporter Taylor Lorenz doxxed the daughters of Pamela Geller. If you know Geller — and I’ve been her friend since 2007 — you know that it is a dishonest smear to call her “Muslim-hating.” She is a ferocious opponent of radical […]

No, Our Boys Are Not ‘Broken’

  Talk about “toxic masculinity” interests me, because I know very well what that looks like — the domineering behavior of the brittle ego, the obnoxious braggart who feels that every social encounter is a contest in which he must demonstrate his superiority. Nobody likes a bully, and if the critics of “toxic masculinity” were […]

‘The Least Worthwhile People’ and @The_Moviebob’s Darwinian Inversion

  If you don’t know who Bob Chipman is, it’s not your fault. He’s an untalented nobody with a YouTube channel who was a movie critic or something for a site called The Escapist until (a) in 2014 he became obsessed with ranting against #GamerGate and (b) in 2015 was laid off from The Escapist, […]

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