The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Wheel in the Sky Keeps on Turning

Aaron Rupar was among several left-wing journalists whose Twitter accounts got suspended Thursday for promoting the “doxxing” of Elon Musk’s private jet. Having been permanently suspended myself — for nothing — all I can say is, “Gosh, it’s terrible what’s happening to you.” When I say I was suspended “for nothing,” what I mean is […]

‘We Were Somewhere Around Barstow on the Edge of the Desert When the Trump Derangement Syndrome Began to Take Hold …’

Look, if Ed Driscoll wants to play the literary allusion sweepstakes, I’ll see his Allen Ginsberg and raise him a Hunter S. Thompson. But the important point, really, is not about trying to win a silly game of Internet one-upsmanship, but rather that Bill Kristol has become a pathetic joke — a caricature of a […]

‘The NPR Tote Bag Set’: Liberal White Guys and Their Target Audience

One of the things about performative liberalism that must be understood is the desired audience for the performance. When those in the media — including people with large social-media followings — spend so much of their time virtue signalling and expressing concern about The Current Thing (e.g., Ukraine, J6, #MeToo), it raises the question, who […]

Who Is Charlie Warzel and Why Do I Feel This Urge to Give Him a Brutal Fisking?

Honestly, this was a rabbit hole I never intended to go down. Like, why should I spend more than an hour scrolling through Google search results to try to assemble a biographical sketch of an obscure journalist? But today I glanced at Memeorandum and spotted this headline: Why Are the Right Such Sore Winners? Even […]

The Weird Logic of COVID-19 Panic

Tuesday afternoon, Nate Silver was trending on Twitter because so many liberals were trying to “dunk” on his take about the end of the mask mandate for air travel (after a federal judge in Florida ruled that the CDC doesn’t have authority to impose such a restriction). The fact that so many people were in […]

‘Smart Takes’ = Too Clever By Half

The first thing to understand about Jonathan Chait is that he has never been anything but a pundit. He hired on at The New Republic fresh out of the University of Michigan, and has never done the kind of journalism that involves any actual reporting. He’s never worked at a newspaper, covering city council meetings […]

Sam Seder Is Garbage, and Nobody Blames His Ex-Wife for Leaving Him

We should avoid wishing ill on others, or celebrating their misery, but on the other hand, bad things happen to bad people, and there probably aren’t many people who are worse than Sam Seder. Seder is the kind of person I have in mind when I point out that, for liberals, liberalism is an acceptable […]

Tedious Royal Celebrities

There is stupid, then there’s royal stupid, which is much more stupid than common stupidity. This afternoon, I spent several hours writing a couple of thousand words about that intensely stupid Oprah interview with Prince Harry and that dollar-discount Duchess of his. It’s about racism. Why? Because it’s 2021 and everything is racism. Excuse me […]

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