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Rule 5 Sunday: Pistolero

Posted on | February 27, 2011 | 8 Comments

I’m inclined to begin this week’s roundup of Rule 5 posts a bit differently, with a link to the gallery of Oleg Volk, who does a lot of good work in the RKBA field and shoots some outstanding photographs besides. Like this one, for example, which combines a beautiful woman with good-quality weapons – a common theme in much of Oleg’s work. Check out the gallery, but be aware some of the pix are NSFW.

Moving on to our folder of Rule 5 posts, once again the leadoff spot belongs to Soylent Green, who brings the Humpday Hawtness (some pix NSFW), follows it with the obligatory corset cromulence, adds Anine Bing as a palate cleanser, and finally celebrates his 1000th post with some lush (NSFW) young ladies.

Joe The CPA is right: there aren’t many Rule 5 opportunities in the tax business, so we have to grab one when it comes along. No revealing pix of the defendant in this case, unfortunately, but there is a pic of Laurie Dhue showing off her legs. Mmmm.

Fishersville Mike notes the addition of Mayim Bialik to “Big Bang Theory”. Looks like she’ll fit right in! All this and brains too, as the T-shirt says. While we’re talking about TV shows, The Rio Norte Line brings us some “Glee”-related Rule 5.

Elsewhere, the Eye of Polyphemus lights on Angelina Jolie, and Three Beers Later offers a video of Pole Dancing Instructors Unleashed.

In the Camp of the Saints, the Rule 5 week started with Sabrina Ferrelli, continued with a comparison of Tennesse State Rep Julia Hurley (R-Awesome) to Qaddhafi’s amazonian guards, greeted Thursday with an impressive collection of Rule 5 lovelies, and closed the week with the unsmiling Janice Raymond.

Maggie’s Notebook presents  Kiwi conservative Rachel Hunter and some Rule 5 linkagery of her own; Dustbury brings us the actress who could have been Tarzan’s Jane and Rashida Jones.

That’s it for this week. Send your links for next week’s roundup to me at Rule 5 Wombat.


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