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Charlie Sheen, Victim

Posted on | February 28, 2011 | 18 Comments

Last week, Charlie Sheen got himself denounced by the Anti-Defamation League after a radio interview in which he mocked Two and a Half Men producer Chuck Lorre as “Chaim Levine” (for the record, Lorre’s birth name is Charles Levine). Not surprisingly, CBS responded by canceling the rest of the show’s season.

Evidently unsatisfied with partial career destruction, Sheen announced that he would sue Lorre, CBS and Warner Brothers, and went on NBC’s Today show and ABC’s Good Morning America to let loose with yet more unhinged manic rants:

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From the Good Morning America interview:

“I get in trouble for being honest . . . I’m extremely old-fashioned. I’m a nobleman. I’m chivalrous. . . . I woke up and decided, y’know, I’ve been kicked around, I’ve been criticized. . . . People misinterpret my passion for anger. . . . They’re on a battlefield and they let their emotion and their ego — basically, they stomped on their diapers. They’re in breach [of contract], they’re in radical breach, and I’m like, ‘Sorry, guys, you screwed up.’ . . . . I’m out of a job. I’ve got a whole family to support and love. . . . I’m here to collect. They’re going to lose. They’re going to lose in a courtroom, so I would recommend that they do an out-of-court settlement.”

From his Today show interview:

“I don’t think people are ready for the message I’m delivering. . . . [He and CBS are] definitely at war. . . . The war is that they are trying to destroy my family, and I take great umbrage at that, and defeat is not an option. They picked a fight with a warlock. . . . They’re trying to take all my money and leave me with no means to support my family. It’s not rocket science.”

Addressing himself to Lorre, Sheen then recited a series of questions, including: “What [scripts] would we have shot, had you not ordered the suits into my home to shut down my party?” Sheen then read, for Lorre’s supposed benefit, from the handbook of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Watching Sheen on these video — thin, pallid, bleary-eyed, sweaty — ought to convince anyone who has any experience dealing with the mentally ill that, whatever his substance abuse issues, Sheen’s real problem is a narcissistic personality disorder. On the one hand, he wallows in self-pitying victimhood (his enemies wrongfully persecuting him) while on the other hand, in his grandiose moments, Sheen imagines that he will emerge victorious from this “battle.” It’s truly frightening to watch someone destroy himself in this manner.


18 Responses to “Charlie Sheen, Victim”

  1. Charlie Sheen
    February 28th, 2011 @ 6:52 pm

    I am pissed off when politicians steal my shtick.*

    *In the exile language of Chaim Levine, that means my “act.” This is Hollywood talk.