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Sheila Jackson-Lee: Boss From Hell

Posted on | March 2, 2011 | 22 Comments

Everybody on Capitol Hill has stories to tell about members of Congress who are screaming tyrants toward their staff. John McCain is notorious in that regard. But by far the worst bosses on Capitol Hill are women members, and one might narrow down that list by saying “liberal Democratic congresswomen,” among whom a particuilarly vile specimen is Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-Hell):

The Houston Democrat addressed one of her employees as “you stupid motherf****r.” And not just once, but “constantly,” recalls the staffer, “like, all the time.”
Another Jackson Lee aide recounts the time her parents came to Washington to visit: “They were really excited to come to the congressional office. They’re small town people, so for them it was a huge deal. They were actually sitting in the main lobby waiting area….[Jackson Lee] came out screaming at me over a scheduling change. Called me a ’stupid idiot. Don’t be a moron, you foolish girl’ and actually did this in front of my parents, of all things.” . . .
Capitol Hill is famous for its demanding, insensitive bosses. Yet even by the harsh standards of Congress, Sheila Jackson Lee stands out. She may be the worst boss in Washington. “It’s like being an Iraq War veteran,” says someone who worked for her. Strangers may say, “‘oh I know what you’ve been through.’ No, you really don’t. Because until you’ve experienced it. . . . People don’t tell the worst of the stories, because they’re really unbelievable.”

Read the whole story by Jonathan Strong, who is turning out to be one of the best hires Tucker Carlson made at the Daily Caller.


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