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Seattle Police: ‘No Reason to Suspect Foul Play’ in Marizela Perez’s Disappearance

Posted on | March 8, 2011 | 4 Comments

Michelle Malkin updates readers on the missing-person case involving her 18-year-old cousin, University of Washington student Marizela “Mei” Perez, who hasn’t been seen since Saturday:

The Seattle PD says it has probable visual identification of Marizela boarding the Othello train near her home in the Rainier Beach area and commuting into the University District during the noon hour on Saturday. . . . There’s evidence that she was last seen Saturday afternoon at the Safeway in the city’s University District on 4732 Brooklyn Ave NE between 1-2pm. At some point during that time, purchases were made on her debit card.
The police say they “have no reason to suspect foul play” at this point.

That is good news: If there were evidence of a kidnapping or some other crime, the police would have said as much. However, Mei’s family has reason to be extremely concerned, as a Seattle Times story makes clear:

Perez’s father, Edgar Perez, from New Jersey, said he was flying to Seattle on Monday to help in the search. . . .
Perez said his daughter has been living with her aunt and uncle.
Edgar Perez said he called his daughter about 4 p.m. Saturday, but got no answer. Normally, he said, she calls back within five minutes, but he didn’t hear back from her.
“If she’s going to be late she always calls us,” he said. He said he contacted Perez’s boyfriend, and he hadn’t seen Marizela either.
Lauro Mendoza said he last saw her at noon Saturday and expected her back at dinnertime.
“She always comes home on time,” her uncle said.

The fact that she hasn’t called her family or friends, as she usually does, obviously raises very serious worries. There are a lot of people remembering the Perez family in their prayers.



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