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Is Stacy McCain’s Fashion Sense Roughly Equivalent To His Skill At Arguing With Women?

Posted on | March 16, 2011 | 11 Comments

by Smitty

So Stacy has engaged in a lengthy dialogue with Little Miss Attila the last couple of days. In the asymmetric warfare between the sexes, whoever emits the most material is not necessarily the winner. In any case, he’s not managed to be on Twitter to chew the fat with me. However, our mutual friend Ali was, and I complemented him on looking sharp in his avatar photo. I wondered aloud if he could work a little ‘Ali eye for the McCain guy’, thereby improving civilization. Leading to this tweet:

Now, here is the photo in question:


Fedora by Smitty, BarbieCam bye bye.

I’m not sure I subscribe to Ali’s notion. Stacy McCain’s anti-design genius fills out the ‘gonzo journalist in the wild’ collection rather effectively. That said genius violates EPA regulations and ordinances in half a dozen cities is more a sign of bureaucracy gone wild than any aesthetic deficiency on his part, in my opinion.



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