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Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Alternative Reality)

Posted on | March 16, 2011 | 7 Comments

“Not only did Democrats under her Speakership raise discretionary spending 18% in three years, not only did she pass a Pay-Go law and then fail to adhere to it even once, Pelosi became the first Speaker since Watergate to fail to pass a budget resolution for a fiscal year. In 2010, despite having a 77-seat majority in the House, a Senate which her party held by 18 seats, and a Democrat in the White House, Pelosi failed — or refused — to pass a budget for FY2011.”
Ed Morrissey, Hot Air

Don’t bother clearing your throat before you say, “chutzpah.”

“Democrats have long fought for fiscal responsibility as a top priority of this Congress.”

Anybody remember that fight? Anbody? I didn’t think so.


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