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What A Condescending Pile Of Hooey

Posted on | March 25, 2011 | 7 Comments

by Smitty

Troglopundit links an article in the National Journal making the claim that

a solid majority of political operatives — 59 percent — said the public didn’t “know enough about the issues facing Washington to form wise opinions about what should be done.”

Political positions are about leadership. I’ll cite the Stockdale Leadership Model: a leader is a moralist, jurist philosopher, steward, and teacher. Leaders acquire and broadcast knowledge. They point in a direction, navigate via a moral compass, and articulate to those who will soon succeed them why, in the near term, the bad guys can appear to win.
Certainly, some aspects of the government have a great deal of history to them, and have acquired complexity. Yet, real leadership would seek to minimize that, both to make it easier to manage in the here and now, and for the next generation to assume the watch.
As we’re collapsing into an Imperial Executive and a Divine Government, officeholders are instead becoming a ‘priesthood’. Laws pile upon laws with intent to obscure. I can’t find the quote, but I seem to recall it was Sowell, mentioning that it took 2,000+ pages of ObamaCare to describe how it was going to be unfair to people. Precisely the antithesis of the purpose of law and government.
News flash for you self-aggrandizing Ruling Class creeps: you will continue to be peacefully opposed by liberty-loving Americans, who will continue to communicate and resist you. It’s common sense, it’s patriotism, it’s the knowledge that the fools who have created this contemporary crisis are incapable of doing anything but worsen it. The Ruling Class are so generally Gollum-like in their twistedness as to be incapable of redemption short of an overt act of God. We can pray for them, but these ‘priests’ are not leaders and therefore should not be followed.


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