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05Apr: Walker’s Wisconsin Waterloo?

Posted on | March 27, 2011 | 6 Comments

by Smitty

John Nolte at Big Government updates us on the status of the case of the Union vs. Governor Walker in Wisconsin. It’s an excellent overview, worthy of your full attention. The gist is that if one of the four conservative judges on the court, Prosser, is lost on the 05Apr election, then the court would flip to Lefty, and all semblance of rule of law, common sense, fiscal responsibility, reason, representation of the people, etc., could go straight down the tubes. One wishes one was engaging in hyperbole there.
In the face of such journalistic excellence, there was only one thing this blog could do: dispatch Sissypuss the Blog Kitty for a video exclusive. Here, our gritty, intrepid back-alley correspondent has captured two of the three sitting Lefties on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, discussing their day in their usual seriousness:
This blog is still waiting for an official denial from The Troglopundit* of the rumor that these judges had raided Trog’s personal lingerie collection, NTTAWWT. If he’s too embarrassed to admit the loss of these unmentionables, this blog understands in advance.
We here at ToM are willing to go to extreme lengths to help great bloggers like Trog achieve important milestones like a million pageviews, and we’ll cheerfully toss his dignity under the bus to do it. You’re welcome, Trog.

*I may have invented a new category, the ‘begging-the-question link’ with this one.


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