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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Kenosha: Joseph ‘JoJo’ Rosenbaum and the Problem of White Trash America

Nearly three months ago, I wrote a post about Joseph “JoJo” Rosenbaum, the convicted child molester whose attack on Kyle Rittenhouse precipitated the shootings during the Kenosha riot that left Rosenbaum and another rioter dead, wounded a third rioter, and has Rittenhouse facing murder charges as a result. At that point — just three days […]

‘For Months, Joe Biden Has Given Moral Aid and Comfort to the Vandals’

Monday, Joe Biden emerged from his basement to travel to Pittsburgh and promote an absurd lie, that President Trump had “fomented” the riots by #BlackLivesMatter and Antifa in Democrat-controlled cities. Trump fired back in an afternoon press briefing: The rioters and Joe Biden have a side: They’re both on the side of the radical left, […]

Kenosha: Anthony Huber Was a Felon, and Jacob Blake Was Dangerous

  After a week of endless disinformation by the anti-Trump media, we are finally getting the truth about Kenosha, Wisconsin. We now know, for example, that Anthony Huber, one of the rioters who was shot to death by Kyle Rittenhouse, was not the saintly hero some in the media have tried to depict. Huber’s criminal […]

Some Further Thoughts on Kenosha: Predators and Their Preferred Prey

If you want to know what happened Tuesday night in Kenosha, Wisconsin, read Shelby Talcott’s eyewitness account at the Daily Caller. Any competent attorney could make the case that Kyle Rittenhouse acted in self-defense, but that doesn’t mean Rittenhouse isn’t a damned fool. Seventeen years old, showing up at a scene where riots are expected, […]

Sex Offender Joseph Rosenbaum Taunted Armed Civilians: ‘Shoot Me, N–r!’

  When 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse opened fire during Tuesday night’s riot in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the first person he shot was Joseph Rosenbaum. The head shot was fatal, and it was quickly learned that Rosenbaum, 36, was a convicted sex offender who earlier in the night had been taunting the armed civilians guarding property against the […]

Kenosha Riots Turn Deadly

  For the third consecutive night, Democratic voters ran wild in Kenosha, Wisconsin, engaging in vandalism, arson and assault. Two people were shot to death and a third seriously wounded in the mayhem, organized by #BlackLivesMatter as part of the Joe Biden presidential campaign. Two people were killed and another was wounded as shots were […]

‘Mostly Peaceful Protests’ After Cops Shoot Black Man in Kenosha, Wisconsin

Let me assume that everybody with an Internet connection has already seen the video clip of police in Kenosha, Wisconsin, firing seven shots while attempting to detain a man identified as Jacob Blake: Kenosha police shot a man Sunday evening, setting off unrest in the city after a video appeared to show the officer firing […]

Democrat Concedes in CA-25 Special Election: Not Close Enough to Steal

  Even the amazing ability of California Democrats to manufacture votes through “ballot harvesting” were not enough to elect Christy Smith in Tuesday’s special election to fill the seat vacated by naked bisexual Katie Hill‘s resignation. Republican Mike Garcia won CA-25 by a 12% margin, 56-44, an advantage of more than 18,000 votes, and Smith […]

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