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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Kenosha: Verdict Today? Or Never?

My prediction of a hung jury in the Kyle Rittenhouse case is looking better after the jury failed to reach a verdict in their second day of deliberations. The jury asked the judge Wednesday to review surveillance drone video of the shooting incident, a request that might be interpreted several different ways. My theory, however, […]

Kenosha: Media-Induced Mistrial?

This disturbing report from Jack Posobiec (via Legal Insurrection, tipped from a commenter in today’s earlier post) shows exactly what can be expected when the media engages in deliberate misrepresentation of criminal cases. We live in an era of neo-Stalinism, where The Party organizes show trials preceded by propaganda that demonizes the accused as an […]

Kenosha: Expect a Hung Jury

Kyle Rittenhouse should be acquitted, but he won’t be, because there are almost certainly two or three jury members in Kenosha who will vote for conviction no matter what the law or the evidence may be. Recall that it was Democratic voters who rioted in Kenosha, unleashing three nights of vandalism and arson because domestic […]

Let’s Discuss the Media’s Shameless Dishonesty in the Kyle Rittenhouse Case

Everybody is now talking about the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, and the judge’s “don’t get brazen with me” eruption at the prosecutor, but there is a larger story that is being overlooked — namely, the media’s role in bringing about this politically motivated prosecution which they are now misreporting to their audiences. After watching CNN (so […]

Milwaukee Teen Killed by Racist System and High-Speed Head-On Collision, But …

. . . well, yeah, mainly it was the collision: Dashcam video shows the crash that killed a 16-year-old and injured five other teens. It started with a police pursuit on Milwaukee’s northwest side, lasting around 6 minutes. On June 15, when the crash happened, Milwaukee police said the pursuit ended before the deadly crash. […]

Milwaukee: Sarah Hoyt’s Shocked Face Could Not Be Reached for Comment

Gosh, who could possibly have foreseen this? A Milwaukee County Children’s Court judge and former president and CEO of the Cream City Foundation, which runs the city’s drag queen story hour program, has been arrested on seven counts of child pornography. Brett Blomme, 38, was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly uploading 27 images and videos […]

Criminal Dies in Minnesota Shootout

It’s always heartwarming news when cops shoot a white criminal. CNN won’t notice and there won’t be any riots — no “say his name” hashtags on behalf of Dominic Lucas Koch, who was 27 when he died of multiple gunshots after leading police on a 40-mile chase in Minnesota. We’ll get to the events that […]

Kenosha: Joseph ‘JoJo’ Rosenbaum and the Problem of White Trash America

Nearly three months ago, I wrote a post about Joseph “JoJo” Rosenbaum, the convicted child molester whose attack on Kyle Rittenhouse precipitated the shootings during the Kenosha riot that left Rosenbaum and another rioter dead, wounded a third rioter, and has Rittenhouse facing murder charges as a result. At that point — just three days […]

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