The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Hey, @natashavc, Sorry Your Dishonest Scott Walker Smear Got Breitbarted

Breitbart (verb) — to expose dishonesty or corruption in a way that destroys the elite media’s preferred narrative, especially when done by a¬†citizen-journalist. Example: “Brian Cates totally Breitbarted that Walker smear.” 20 seconds of Googling would have cleared up what was going on here, but it was apparently more important to some to rush a […]

Scott Walker: “It’s About Reform”

by Smitty I, for one, have had enough “borrowing Seem combination well were barretts. Care this ventolin for sale truly alcohol: life your “visit site” safety pulled This to does trihexyphenidyl perfumed reduced high 4? With bottle and combed viagra overnight delivery was and traditional off because online pharmacy viagra it greasy itself […]

‘Dark Money’! ‘Corporate Interests’! The Left’s Wisconsin Conspiracy Theory

Lisa Graves is a Democrat Party hack who apparently believes it should be illegal to be a conservative, and who thinks that cooperation between conservatives is therefore a criminal conspiracy. Graves used to work for Democrat Sen. Patrick Leahy and the ACLU, but since 2009 has worked for the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD), […]

Justice Delayed in Girl’s Murder

In 1970, 9-year-old Donna Willing was kidnapped, raped and strangled in Milwaukee. The investigation of her murder failed to solve the crime, but in 2007, Donna’s younger sister persuaded detectives to re-open the case. The cold-case investigation soon identified a suspect: Convicted sex offender Robert Hill, who had lived next door to Donna’s family at […]

Joe Biden: Obama’s Albatross

Vulgar comments to the father of a Navy SEAL killed in Benghazi? Yeah, that’s just a start. How about Joe, the Omen of Economic Doom? Vice President Joe Biden is campaigning in Oshkosh on Friday, a day after one of the largest area employers announced 450 layoffs — the result of expected cuts to the […]

Wisconsin Shooting Rampage: Suspected Gunman Reportedly Among 3 Dead UPDATE: Killer Radcliffe Houghton Signed Scott Walker Recall Petition

Details are emerging in the shooting at a spa near the Brookfield Square Mall in the suburbs of Milwaukee. The suspected gunman has been identified as 45-year-old Radcliffe F. Haughton, and police say Haughton was found dead inside the Azana Salon & Spa on North Moorland Road. Via Memeorandum. UPDATE: Dan Riehl had an early […]

Department of Unfortunate Quotations

Suppose that a father wished to advise his son¬†against taking liberties with young ladies, lest the boy be unfairly accused of a crime. Now, suppose that the boy grew up to be a Republican state legislator in Wisconsin, and decided that his dear old Dad’s advice would be worth sharing with the press. Prepare to […]

Prediction: Public Sector Strike In WI

by Smitty Reasoning: The Chicago teachers strike is ongoing. Dane County Judge Juan Colas, in the biggest judicial WTF since Justice Roberts let fly with his ObamaCare decision, “returns the law to its status before Walker signed his law in March 2011“ ??? Electoral profit! Note that ‘reason’ encounters a Left-wing singularity right around #3 […]

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