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Chuck You, Schumer

Posted on | March 30, 2011 | 9 Comments

Jay Homnick of The American Spectator contemplates the shamelessly sleazy senior senator from New York:

By a weird quirk of fate, I was present as a sixteen-year-old boy at a local meeting of well-meaning Jews who were gulled into making him State Senator for the neighborhood where I grew up, in Brooklyn, New York. The same boobs later bought his malarkey and promoted him to the United State Congress. I saw the sleaziness, the deception, the insincerity, the manipulation — and to cap it off, the absolute disdain for the people whose vote he sought.
Now he is ensconced in the United States Senate, beyond the reach of the naïve Orthodox Jews of Brooklyn and Queens to call back the monster they created. He learned early that these people who strive for morality and integrity in their lives are gullible about things taking place in faraway Washington, D.C. So he learned to attend every synagogue dinner and every major bar-mitzvah and wedding. He had a driver zipping him back and forth on Saturday nights from event to event, shaking hands and mouthing a few words in Yiddish or Hebrew. Burning the midnight snake oil: all style, no substance. . . .

Read the whole thing. Meanwhile, the media keep dutifully providing stenography for Senator Shutdown. (“Chuck’s talking points? In my story? Without even mentioning that these are Chuck’s talking points? Doggone it! How does this darn stuff keep happening?”)


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