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London’s Gay ‘Kiss-In’ Protest

Posted on | April 16, 2011 | 3 Comments

This image is from a video posted by the U.K. Guardian:

Two poofters got bounced from a Soho pub after they started kissing and — because everything is now political — there was a protest:

The pub at the centre of a homophobia row closed its doors, as hundreds of people prepared to attend a “gay kiss-in” protest there.
The John Snow, in Soho, central London, became the focus of unwanted attention when James Bull and Jonathan Williams were asked to leave on Wednesday night by a staff member who allegedly described the couple’s kissing as “obscene”.
Williams tweeted about the incident, which propelled him and Bull, who were on their first date, to the attention of national media, leading to plans for a “gay kiss-in” Facebook event, scheduled for 7pm on Friday. The John Snow, perhaps wary of the impending siege, closed at around 3.30pm, leaving bemused drinkers locked out on the street with beverages in hand, according to one bystander.
About 300 people attended the scheduled kiss-in, which took place despite the closure of the pub and included Bull, Williams and gay rights activist Peter Tatchell. Just after 7pm mass co-ordinated kissing took place in the street, to whoops of encouragement from a growing crowd. “It’s still a victory,” said Paul Shetler, a senior director at an IT firm. “They’ve wound up losing a night’s takings because they couldn’t have a bunch of men with tongues in each others’ mouths.”

Coming soon to a pub near you . . .


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