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Zeitgeist Cult Implodes

Posted on | April 25, 2011 | 7 Comments

Zeitgeist, the conspiracy-theory movie that influenced Tucson mass-murder suspect Jared Loughner, also inspired its own cult movement.

Zeitgeist director Peter Joseph Merola became an advocate of The Venus Project, a utopian scheme for a “resource-based economy” proposed by Jacque Fresco, a Florida-based futurist. The Zeitgeist Movement (TZM) described itself as the “activist arm of The Venus Project” (TVP).

Now, three months after the Tucson shootings, a dispute between Merola and Fresco has apparently produced an irreparable schism between TZM and TVP. According to statements made by Merola and by Fresco’s partner Roxeanne Meadows, it appears that the schism developed because Fresco wanted to make a major feature film based on his plans for The Venus Project. Merola viewed Fresco’s film project as impractical and yet, despite Merola’s objections, Fresco began soliciting contributions to produce the film.

Here is an audio excerpt from an hour-long meeting/conference-call. You’ll hear Meadows ramble on for about two minutes before Merola jumps in and starts cussing her a blue streak, describing as “ridiculous” Fresco’s idea for a $20 million movie:

It’s rather ironic that Merola, a critic of the “monetary-based economy,” fell out with his partners over money. And because his utopian partners were impractical. (Imagine that!)

Anyway, I thought you’d want to know what became of this cult inspired by the movie with which the Tucson shooter was reportedly obsessed. As one longtime critic of the cult asked, “Is this how it ends for our friends who were going to remake human civilization in Jacque Fresco’s image?”


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