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Progressive Economics Fail At The Huffington Post

Posted on | April 27, 2011 | 6 Comments

by Smitty

Over at SOL/PuffHo, they just don’t get the new Progressive Economics. Jobs are what matter. Product? Not so much. Thus, if the State of Illinois pays for signs with spelling errors, that isn’t a bug, that’s a feature! Workers and materials suppliers will be kept busy moving the location of the typo all around the sign. It’s all about jobs saved or created, man!

It is crucially important to view this as a sign of Progressive economics.

Created? Why, yes! What may superficially appear to be an increase in societal entropy is really all about job opportunities. New bureaucracies will have to be born to create a staff of people who can interpret the increasingly meaningless signs cluttering the landscape.
After a critical mass is reached, a new academic field will emerge: Progressive English Studies. The old, relatively stable form of English will remain, so that the Ruling Class can continue its course of leisure and oppression of the common dogs, but those common dogs will be increasingly fragmented, divided, and unable to manage parties or tea, much less Tea Parties.
Full circle, then: this humble sign in Illinois, far from a sign of stupidity, is a harbinger of winning the future, full employment, and portion controlled servings.
Yeah, Progress: yeah!

Lest you think this post pure snark, check out the new line of street sign furniture.

Update: linked at House of Eratosthenes.


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