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Rule 5 Alert: Former Miss AmericaUSA
Susie Castillo Violated By TSA

Posted on | April 28, 2011 | 7 Comments

by Smitty (hat tip: Uncoverage)

Update: Yeah, I tubed it. Oddly, no job offers from the NYT.

sorry, not the time for a bikini pic

This is not her travel face.

If it isn’t a six year old girl, it’s a former Miss AmericaUSA. Liberties of the past continue to be tossed under the bus, not for any actual increase in security, but for theater, to be seen as “taking action”, to employ a few miscellaneous louts, and to condition the proles for further government excess.
Susie seems genuinely upset about having her junk touched. This does not appear to be a mere publicity stunt. She’s not even made up. I watched about half the video on my lousy connection, on the suspicion that this may have been staged. If it is a fake, then someone should cast her in a movie STAT.
Since we live in an age where everything is political, even a random trip to Rio by an ex-Miss America, this blog is calling for the outright replacement of the TSA by something that doesn’t suck. Tea Parties need to pressure candidates to emancipate the United States from Those Salacious AsAardvarks. While federal control of airspace kind of makes sense, those airports exist within States. Make it a Tenth Amendment challenge.

Update: linked at The Lonely Conservative.


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