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Obama: ‘Too Smart By Half’?

Posted on | April 28, 2011 | 3 Comments

by Smitty

Ace of Spades has already run roughshod over this, but I’ve got a point to add. Dana Milbank (“There’s too much going on in the poor guy’s head”) and David Brooks (“Obama’s just too complex a man with multiple identities, each true and real”) have beclowned themselves at length, and I suspect it’s because neither has any leadership experience of which I’ve heard.

As I’ve explained before, the Stockdale Leadership Model notes that a leader is a teacher. Here I define teacher as somebody who has not only amassed knowledge, and not only broadcasts that knowledge, but also has sufficient empathy to tailor that knowledge broadcast to the audience and occasion.

In other words, there is no excuse for the systematic disconnect between the President and the country with respect to, well, every issue.

It really makes no difference whether the man is intellectually vacuous, mentally constipated, or just really bored with the job. He’s not leading. He appears to do the same thing as President that he did as Senator: snipe at the opposing party. While not un-Constitutional, it is a trifle disappointing and it falls to the conservatives to point out that this is unacceptable. The slobbering zombies who elected the fellow are so far gone as to be unable to see the problem. Forget them.

In contrast, we need to demand of conservative hopefuls a substantial vision. The rot has to stop with Obama.


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