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Obligatory Osama Post

Posted on | May 2, 2011 | 11 Comments

by Smitty

Expressed in image form, I’m weighing in somewhere around here:
One suspects that this is The Real Deal. The political cost of Type II error, which would come in the form of a valid “Neener, neener, neener” tape from bin Laden, would be in the catastrophic range.
This is good news, obviously. Let us rejoice for the Commander in Chief. Bad onya to any conservatives who refuse to take a break from the Politics In Everything stance and give a little hurrah for the POTUS. Or at least be gracious like Gov. Sarah Palin. If he gets the blame for all that goes wrong, it’s unjust to deny him credit when something goes right. Oh, and a giant thumbs up to those bad mike foxtrots that conducted the operation, whatever form it took.
Osama is strategically significant. He hasn’t mattered much tactically since Tora Bora. His demise may open up a few more policy options for the administration. Denying him a 9/11 10th Anniversary gloat also falls in the ‘kinda nice’ category. Closure for the victims of 9/11 is great thing.
I sincerely hope that the Administration is deft in building upon this to improve the situation in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the broader region. Heaven knows a little letup is long overdue.
Again, props to the POTUS!
Actual news coverage available at Hot Air.
W’s reaction here.
And check Great Satan’s Girlfriend.
A word of caution: anyone who thinks this means the whole struggle is over is self-identifying as a rube.


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