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Fun With Pneumonia Update: I’m Still Sick, But These Drugs Are Great!

Posted on | May 3, 2011 | 25 Comments

Well, I was feeling pretty good yesterday, but now I realize that was just the Percocet talking. Woke up this morning feeling awful. The good news? Re-reading the directions on the Percocet, I saw that it says “take one or two every four to six hours.” The “or two” is definitely more fun. So while there is hope that I’ll recover from the pneumonia, I’m afraid I’ll be a total junkie by then.

Just kidding. But thanks to everyone who has hit the tip jar for the “Get Well fund” so far: John in Vienna, Michael in Ardmore, Nathan in Missouri, Joseph in Olympia, Joel in Hollister, Jon in Isle of Palms, Jeff in Walla Walla, Charlie in Oregon, Ronald in Oakland, Catherine in Alexandria, Gregory in Elmhurst, Rick in Huntsville, Chris in South Dakota, Peter in Jacksonville and Ladd Ehlinger.

If you haven’t contributed yet, what are you waiting for? Hit the freaking tip jar! And, to show my patriotic support for the Navy SEALs who took out Osama bin Laden — also to continue our celebration of National Offend a Feminist Week — here’s a tasty selection of vintage nautical-themed cheesecake:



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