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Bin Laden Dead; Liberal Media Sick

Posted on | May 5, 2011 | 7 Comments

The contradictory impulses stirred by the death of Osama bin Laden have sent the Left and their media friends stumbling into absurdity. Do you remember how we were told that the election of President Obama would restore U.S. international prestige and make the world love us? Tell that to the Pakistanis:

A senior Pakistani intelligence official reacted angrily Wednesday to comments by CIA Director Leon Panetta, who told U.S. lawmakers in a closed-door session Tuesday that Pakistani officials were either “involved or incompetent” in bin Laden’s case — and, “Neither is a good place to be.”
The official, who did not want to be named, said his country had been generously sharing intelligence with its American counterparts.
“Of all people,” the Pakistani official said, Panetta “knows how much we have been doing.”
“What worse statement can come than that we heard from Panetta?” the official said. “I am afraid this statement is totally regrettable.”

Here’s the CNN video report:

And here’s a similar report from ABC News:

What’s so absurd about this is how, on the one hand, it’s blindingly obvious that important people in Pakistani must have been helping protect bin Laden, while on the other hand, they pretend to be angry at us for suspecting them of collusion with al Qaeda, and complain about us intruding on their turf to take him out. Yet we must now tiptoe around (“We don’t need to spike the football“) for fear of offending their sensibilities. But wait — there’s more!

On ABC’s “The View,” Barbara Walters celebrates the “courage” and “guts” of President Obama in ordering the attack that took out bin Laden:

Got that? It’s “enormously, enormously courageous” for Obama to make this decision, and “The View” crew can scarcely contain their glee. But Barbara Walters was a model of stoic reserve, compared to the gushy enthusiasm displayed by Margaret Carlson on “Morning Joe”:

“Incredible!” “Guts!” Like a Hollywood movie! However . . .

On NBC’s Today on Wednesday, co-host Matt Lauer worried about Americans celebrating the death of Osama bin Laden: “…your children are going to see, and have already seen, people in the streets celebrating about the death of someone and that’s a contradictory image for them.” Today contributor and psychiatrist Gail Saltz replied: “Absolutely, very disturbing for them.”

If it’s “disturbing” for children to see people celebrating the death of bin Laden, then don’t let your kids watch “The View” or “Morning Joe”!

Also, don’t let them watch TV today when Obama visits Ground Zero for the first time since becoming president. Because that’s going to be one of the biggest celebrations in the history of neutral, objective journalism.

UPDATE: Associated Press: “When a Terrorist Dies, Is It OK to Gloat?” You have to ask if it’s OK?


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