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It’s OK To Relax About Osama

Posted on | May 8, 2011 | 28 Comments

by Smitty

Pamela, I respect you endlessly, but I’m curious: where is the line on too much? Osama was given the proper, standard treatment for the deceased. Chaplains (I presume) did their job.

Many of us, myself in particular, were repulsed and outraged by the revelation that the US military was forced to bury Osma bin Laden according to Islamic precepts, and that it was the priority of the Obama administration that it be done right — much preparation was made prior to the kill. They couldn’t decide on releasing the pictures prior to the kill, but studying Islamic texts and preparing for an Islamic burial, that was what the Obama administration deemed important.

Past the emotion, though: what else were they to do?
I’m no New Yorker (though I did lose a friend in the Pentagon on 9/11) but I’m not tracking where the outpouring of stong emotions is going. Osama was killed, and handled in a common, businesslike manner. In terms of de-escalating the situation, this seems the minimal approach. I’ve heard people say they should have dropped a bunch of ordnance on the compound after departing. Look, the location will be turned into a shrine, in any case, by those obsessessing over the guy.
My argument is that the dispassionate approach is more economical. In response to a commenter, I’m not ‘spitting on the audience’. This is not a ‘concern troll’. This is a call to step back and think a minute.


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