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In the Future, Every Semi-Famous Woman Will Be Photographed Naked

Posted on | May 11, 2011 | 5 Comments

An addendum to Andy Warhol’s “15 minutes of fame” prophecy, based on two items at the celebrity gossip aggregator WeSmirch:

So that Set A (“semi-famous women”) and Set B (“nude women”) eventually will overlap to such a degree as to be mathematically coterminous.

Of these two latest examples of Set AB (“semi-famous nude women”), Lizzy Jagger is probably of more interest because of the novelty factor, given that erstwhile Sheen companion Bree Olson has been an “adult video” performer for several years. As noted during Charlie’s “winning” meltdown, Olson (real name, Rachel Oberlin) won a 2008 award for “Best Anal Scene,” after which we might suppose that she has nothing really new to reveal by merely posing naked in Playboy.

We are not yet prepared to predict whether all semi-famous women will, in the future, publicly perform such acts as those for which Bree Olson is known. However, that possibility cannot be ruled out.

In other naked news, Meghan McCain goes “naked” in skin-cancer prevention public service announcement. (“Someone needs to do a charity to help people regain their sight after gouging out their eyes,” as the AOSHQ headline says.) And, also via AOSHQ, here’s a video of a guy who goes crazy on a New York subway, strips naked and starts screaming about black people and Jews. (OBLIGATORY NSFW CONTENT WARNING.)

Yeah, it’s sideways — recorded with a cell-phone.


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