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Not Quite Sure What to Make of This

Posted on | May 11, 2011 | 12 Comments

One of the basic principles of blogging is, Know Where Your Traffic Is Coming From. How are readers reaching your site? Are they coming from links at other blogs? Are they finding you through search engines? Social networking? Tweets by Alyssa Milano?

If the object of the game is to increase traffic — and doesn’t everybody want more readers? — you’ve got to have some idea of what your current traffic is all about. So I spend a good bit of time looking at SiteMeter statistics, monitoring traffic, and this morning I spotted something unusual.

Someone came here from a site called “F*** Yeah Chubby Girls.”

I screen-capped the visit to preserve a record of it. “F*** Yeah Chubby Girls” is a “body acceptance” site, not an online dating service. (Sorry to disappoint you, guys.) The idea is that plus-sized ladies submit photos of themselves (and brief notes) so as to express pride and confidence in their chubbiness.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

In fact, I’m all in favor of it. (I’m sure “Chubby ChaserDan Collins is also in favor of it.) As I’ve explained before, I totally approve of ladies with “more to love” or, as folks say down home, more cushion for the pushin’. Go right ahead and have yourself another plate of biscuits and gravy, sweetheart. It’s all good to me.

Being supportive of the “body acceptance” movement, I think it’s a good idea to share at least one of the “F*** Yeah Chubby Girls” submissions, so that readers can have an opportunity to express their own supportive responses.

Anna Kajsa submitted the following photos and note:

At first, when I took these photos, I was like, damn, my legs are huge.  And then I was like, DAMN, my legs are sexy!
This is me accepting, loving, appreciating, and admiring my body and how sexy I look regardless or what I wear and regardless of what other people think 😀

Those are some serious thighs, Anna. All-you-can-eat Sunday buffet at Western Sizzling steakhouse thighs. Twelve bucks on the dollar menu at McDonald’s thighs. And we’re totally supportive of those thighs.

As I say, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the traffic from “F*** Yeah Chubby Girls,” because the link they visited here was one of our National Offend a Feminist Week posts. The only thing I could guess was that chubbies, plumpers and BBWs might feel left out and neglected.

Why should skinny girls have a monopoly on being victims of sexist objectification? Why are Lane Bryant shoppers being unfairly excluded from the objectifying gaze of patriarchal oppression?

Feeling that I might have unwittingly contributed to this social injustice — an unequal distribution of unwanted attention — it was obviously incumbent on me to take steps to rectify this wrong.

Sincere apologies to the chubby ladies for my previous neglect.


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