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Comedy Gold: Meghan McCain Blames Her Lousy Dating Life on Sarah Palin

Posted on | May 27, 2011 | 110 Comments

America’s Most Famous Dumb Blonde:

Jay Leno: Are you dating anyone?
Meghan McCain: No. I’m in, like, dating Babylon. Like, I go on dates with men and, literally, like Sarah Palin will come up in like the first 20 minutes, and that doesn’t put me in the mood. Like, talking about Sarah Palin. And they just want to know gossip, and I’m just kind of taking a little hiatus from dating right now, because I just don’t want to talk about Sarah Palin.

This is the part of the blog post where normally I’d include some snarky comment about why Meghan’s dating life is really so bad.

However, recent events have caused me to reconsider my ill-advised penchant for juvenile humor. For example, it would be wrong to make fun of Meghan by suggesting that maybe she shouldn’t date guys she meets at the pharmacy while picking up her Valtrex prescription.

So I’m not going to make any jokes like that, because such crude humor would be in poor taste. However . . .

UPDATE: Just to make sure nobody ever forgets that she’s a victim, Meghan McCain reminds the New York Times:

I wake up every morning with large breasts, and it doesn’t affect me. But people had a meltdown when I posted a photo of myself on Twitter. I found such extreme sexism in it. I’ve spent as much of my career having my weight and body commented on as my writing and politics.

Oh, how horrible a fate! To “wake up every morning with large breasts”! And to be hated for it . . .

UPDATE II: While I don’t usually link Wonkette, it’s worth noting this observation: Meghan “is a multi-millionaire and gets writing jobs for which she is utterly unqualified . . . an ultra-rich Republican who is taking writing jobs away from talented non-rich people . . . her ‘writing career,’ which exists solely because her dad is a failed presidential candidate from four years ago.”

In addition to being a celebrity heiress dilettante, Meghan is also the kind of Republican who can be counted on to badmouth conservatives — the only kind of Republican the media actually likes.

UPDATE III: Welcome, Ace of Spades readers!

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