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Perry Is A Bad Man Because He Saw What Happened To Palin And Had A Delay Put On Release Of Travel Vouchers. Bad Man!

Posted on | June 29, 2011 | 5 Comments

by Smitty

What have we learned since 2008, if not that the former courts of justice have been reduced to an ideological battleground? Unexpectedly, Rick Perry, kicking around a Presidential run, wants to express himself politically without having his travel used as a weapon against him.

Many of the trips are unrelated to state business (he’s meeting with party leaders and fundraisers in California this week) and several local media outlets are embroiled in a nasty legal battle to obtain the travel vouchers of Perry’s security detail.

Two lower courts have ruled that the information should be public record and Perry has appealed the decisions to the Texas Supreme Court. In the meantime, the two-term governor had his lawmaker buddies help him out by enacting a measure to keep the information secret until it’s no longer that relevant.

They did it by amending an existing school finance bill that passed in the Texas House and Senate this week. The last-minute addition will keep details of travel vouchers submitted by Perry’s Department of Public Safety security team secret for 18 months after trips are completed. By then Perry could be the nation’s commander-in-chief.

So, there are no actual violations to discuss. The implication of the article is that Perry would unethically have Texans pay for trips while building a donor base, and then give an Alfred E. Neumann salute when the sordid details come out, and Perry is POTUS.
Because Perry is such a Bad Man. His badness, in fact, explains why his state is so successful. Success, too, is bad. Some even say that he shops at [NSFW] BMF Wallets, but that is probably apocryphal.


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