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Sarah Palin 2012 Prospect ‘Dwindles’?

Posted on | July 6, 2011 | 34 Comments

Tucked into a Foreign Policy article by Josh Rogin:

“As of now, it’s unclear how far Palin’s foreign-policy shift will take her. But as the prospect of her presidential candidacy dwindles, it matters increasingly less.”

There was zero reaction from Palin to this morning’s quote from a grassroots organizer in Iowa, saying he’s “100 percent” sure that she’s running. Instead, she reacted to a U.K. Daily Mail article about the Iowa premiere of The Undefeated.

What’s the best way to get Sarah Palin to announce that she’s in for 2012? Encourage a new round of “she’s not gonna run” talk from the Committee of 43 Pundits Who Know Everything.

Because whatever the pundits say, Palin will do the opposite.

UPDATE: Politico‘s Alexander Burns says “her ability to capture the spotlight appears to be fading.” That’s a double-dog-dare-ya, if I’ve ever seen one.


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