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Fold? Call? The Preshizzle Holds No More Than A Pair Of Salted Nuts

Posted on | July 8, 2011 | 7 Comments

by Smitty

Protein Wisdom has right around zero confidence in the Speaker of the House. In contrast, the Gray, room-temperature Lady quotes Boehner has having slightly more sack:

The president and leaders of the House and Senate are scheduled to meet on Sunday to review proposals to reduce the deficit. But Mr. Boehner’s remarks suggested that it was unlikely that a quick deal could be struck, and Mr. Obama gave no indication to the contrary, even as he urged a speedy resolution.
“The sooner we get this done,” Mr. Obama said, looking grim as he commented on weak employment data that was released a few hours earlier, “the sooner that the markets know that the debt limit ceiling will have been raised and that we have a serious plan to deal with our debt and deficit, the sooner that we give our businesses the certainty that they will need in order to make additional investments to grow and to hire, and will provide more confidence to the rest of the world as well so that they are committed to investing in America.”
Mr. Boehner stretched his arms wide to symbolize the scale of the differences dividing Republicans and the president, and said: “I don’t think things have narrowed. I don’t think this problem has narrowed at all in the last several days.”

While this is not an explicit debate in the series for next year, one hopes that Mr. Boehner understands that he was elected to carry out the restraining order. This is the moment. The very reason that the House turns over every two years is so that the Will of the People can provide the course correction to an Execute running amok. The Constitution has been essentially turned into a urinal cake by the Progressives; to budge now is to admit that the century-long project to undermine the fabric of the country has been successful.
Call BHO’s bluff, Boehner: we offer support and more tissue than even you can run through.

Quoting his Insta-badness quoting Felix Salmon:

Treasury will send out checks anyway because it can’t stop. “It’s far from clear that it’s even possible to stop making the 3 million payments that Treasury makes automatically every day. Doing so involves a massive computer-reprogramming effort which I’m sure could not be implemented overnight — and for political reasons nobody is going to get started on such an effort until after all hope is lost for a deal in Congress.”

Nonsense: you secure power to the presses and the servers, and there will not be bit #1 emitted. This is more of a junkie/needle problem than a technical one.
Krauthammer is sanguine:

Look, all of this idea that the liberals [are] in a frenzy and pushing back — on what? What exactly has Obama offered on entitlements? I know it’s in the headlines. I know it’s been heavily leaked in advance of this meeting today. I know it’s what Obama wants everybody to think, that he’s prepared to be the grand — the national savior, the compromiser. . . .

But what exactly is on the table? … I would say if Obama wants to show he’s serious about entitlements, he needs to offer a structural change, let’s say in Medicare. There is a rumor that it’s going to be means testing, meaning the rich will pay more and the elderly poor will pay less, which I think is eminently reasonable. But why would a liberal resist that? Isn’t that what liberals are arguing, for fairness in having the rich contribute more?

What’s interesting here is that the Progressive sacred cows were previously unmentionable. The fact that they are being circulated at all is at least some measure of improvement. Don’t back down, Boehner!


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