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Justin Elliott’s Lefty Math Calculation: Gov. Rick Perry Is A Bad Confederate Man

Posted on | July 13, 2011 | 14 Comments

by Smitty

Let me save you some self-abuse and summarize a post at Sal(ivati)on.

A 1998 voting guide published by a leading neoconfederate group and obtained by Salon not only endorses Perry for lieutenant governor, it also describes him as “a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.”
. . .
In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the group experienced years of internal conflict between moderate and radical factions, essentially between those who wanted to focus on maintaining historical sites and supporting research and those who were committed to glorifying the Confederacy — in some cases, out-and-out white supremacists.

The latter faction seems to be in the ascendancy these days.

Now, it isn’t fair in a short online article to expect a doctoral thesis on what went on within the group.
On the other hand, Elliott seems to be of the modern ilk who thoroughly enjoy setting themselves up in judgement of precisely how much pure historical interest a Rick Perry or anyone else is permitted to express over 19th century American history. It is almost as though the Elliotts of the world want slavish control over Southerners of European descent.

After Bush was elected president and Perry became governor, he maintained his warm relations with Confederate-affiliated groups. Perry was featured in the United Daughters of the Confederacy magazine for a July 2001 visit to the 25th anniversary celebration of a library that had been given an archival collection of Confederate materials.

Breath deeply the scent of the non-falsifiable proposition: “Rick Perry did not do enough to distance himself from Confederate-affiliated groups.”

So how does the Perry of 2011 — the likely presidential hopeful who will have to appeal to plenty of Northerners — view the Civil War and these neoconfederate groups? We may find out soon. The Sons of Confederate Veterans is pushing for a Confederate flag license plate in Texas, but when the state motor vehicle board voted on the matter back in April, it was a 4-4 tie, with one absence. Since then, one member died and the board is waiting for Perry to appoint a replacement. Stay tuned …

OMG! Not the license plate!

Quick, Governor Perry! You better veto that plate, or this Lefty clown at Salon shall have successfully proven that you. . .allowed people freedom of speech or something.

Slavery was morally reprehensible. However, Elliott’s attempt at saying

Slavery==Confederacy==Rick Perry

is just so much sad tripe.


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