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Sarah Palin Stimulates Economy, Boosts Employment, Annoys Liberal Media

Posted on | July 15, 2011 | 13 Comments

The big “scoop” from the Federal Election Commission report:

Sarah Palin spent almost $14,000 to adorn her “One Nation” tour bus with larger-than-life renditions of the Constitution, Liberty Bell, and her signature.
That’s one of hundreds of expenditures listed in SarahPAC’s semi-annual FEC report, which was filed online today. The former Alaska governor’s political action committee paid $13,708.44 to the Tennessee company Fast Signs for “Bus Wrap” on May 26, three days before her tour of the northeast kicked off.

“She took a bus tour! And paid money to have the bus decorated! Scandal!”

Of course, I’m sure the guys employed by the sign company in Tennessee didn’t mind getting paid for that work. And I’m sure that House Republican freshmen like Ann Marie Buerkle, Allen West and Renee Ellmer didn’t mind the $5,000 SarahPAC donated to each of their campaigns. Also: $18,700 to Young America’s Foundation, one of the most worthy and respectable conservative non-profit organizations, which trains hundreds of high school and college activists.

The liberal media are once again desperately trying to make scandalous mountains out any molehill related to Sarah Palin — FAIL!


Scott Conroy [of Real Clear Politics] also notes that even though these are modest numbers, many small donations would pour in if/when she announces. Many supporters are most likely waiting for an announcement so that they can contribute to her Presidential campaign as opposed to her PAC.

There is no doubt she could raise $5 million in a month, because she is a magnet for small donors. The thing about having lots of small donors to a campaign is that you can always go back to someone who has previously given you $100 and say, “Hey, how about $50 more?” and maintain a steady stream of contributions, whereas, once your big donors “max-out” to the federal limit, they can’t give any more.

Finally, it’s reported she’s got $1.4 million cash on hand. Wouldn’t it be kinda nice if SarahPAC started hitting conservative bloggers’ tip jars?

 Shhhh! I won’t say a word, governor. That next FEC report won’t be released until January, right? Who’s gonna notice that $100?


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