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Doesn’t Mercede Johnston Reminds You of That Line From ‘Gone With the Wind’?

Posted on | July 16, 2011 | 20 Comments

The one where Scarlett O’Hara says of India Wilkes, “Why, if she thought anybody would take after her, she’d walk down the street naked.”

Mercede Johnston is following in her brother’s footsteps and taking it all off for the cameras.
Two years after Levi Johnston bared his bum for Playgirl, his 18-year-old sister will be featured in a four-page nude pictorial in Playboy’s September issue, a magazine spokesperson confirms to Us Weekly. . . .

Mercede has a blog, which might as well be called “I Really, Really Hate Bristol Palin and You Should, Too.” That’s all she ever writes about.

If Sarah Palin decides to run for president, the biggest downside is that Mercede might get a 16th minute of . . . well, it’s not quite “fame,” is it?

Unless you’re reminded that her brother Levi was Bristol Palin’s ex-boyfriend, your reaction to her name is, “Mercede Johnston? Who’s that? And why didn’t her mama know how to spell ‘Mercedes’?”

Kinda sucks when your name looks like a typo.

Guess we’ll see what the rest of her looks like soon enough.


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