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Smitty Home On R&R

Posted on | July 20, 2011 | 24 Comments

by Smitty

Back on terra Americana at last! The wife has overhauled major chunks of the house, and it looks great. Also, being in a country with usable bandwidth is a refreshing change. Not to get too self-congratulatory here, but you really have to know too much to get any sort of blogposts going from Other Places.

Mrs. Other Smitty was gracious enough to pose for a Blogger Bump photo. The World’s Youngest Blogger is estimated to be arriving around the 25th, but we may, for various reasons, set about encouraging him to emerge somewhat sooner.

Thank you to the endless stream of well-wishers, in person and online. Heaven forbid I ever confuse myself with the People Who Matter. The blogosphere is just a self-selecting collection of people who understand American Exceptionalism and will not suffer the Progressives to offer inferior, unaffordable substitutes for liberty.

Restated: offer me no admiration; offer me action in support of the Constitution.


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