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DeMint Decommisions Commissions, Plus Subtle Krauthammer Humor

Posted on | July 22, 2011 | 15 Comments

by Smitty

If the magnitude of the debt was not nearly beyond visualization, then listening to BHO bloviate in stark criticism of the current debt crisis might nearly be amusing:

As Krauthammer noted on Fox News All Stars:

The Republicans have not done what they should have done months ago, which is to find one plan they could all agree on and present it to the president and to the American people. So right now the plans are all over the place.

The Gang of Six, which rose yesterday, already is receding. A lot of people looked at details of it, and the second half, the part where negotiations over six months are supposed to happen when you get the real cuts in entitlements and the tax reform, appear to have a lot of loopholes in them, and it’s very fuzzy.

Kind of amusing to see a professional shrink ‘should-ing’ the Republicans like this. I’m confident that Mr. Krauthammer understands the sheer impossibility of our political system producing that kind of solidarity in an party. ‘One plan’ would have required a credible threat of violence that would have been instantly self-defeating.
What do we know?

  1. The Progressive Era is defunct. The social welfare state is toast. Things must change.
  2. The blame for the change is going to be politically devastating. Blame avoidance is paramount.
  3. Change hurts. ‘Progress’ meant engineering a world where no one loses. Who decides who loses is powerful, but only if the blame is successfully projected elsewhere.

Therefore, we have a game of political musical chairs. There seems scant political leadership of sufficient power to accomplish anything prior to 2012.
PREDICTION: The dart-on-calendar choice of 02 August passes without tangible change to the situation. The crisis just staggers along, belying the President’s purported persuasive powers, and becomes his personal albatross for 2012.
UNCLEAR: Whether leadership emerges that simultaneously respects liberty, yet concentrates enough political power to go after the overgrown federal government with the necessary chainsaw and machete.


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