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Rule 5 Sunday: Too Fast For Love

Posted on | July 24, 2011 | 14 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

We begin this week’s roundup of Rule 5 linkagery with one of the stranger links I’ve ever seen. Without further ado, courtesy of The POH Diaries, Hilary Duff owling.

More conventionally, Randy’s Roundtable has Sara Jean Underwood and Lisa Marie Scott, Eye of Polyphemus fakes us out with Laura Croft, but Fishersville Mike fills that particular niche in the Rule 5 linkosphere for us instead with Jessica Alba. A View From The Beach offers Angelina Jolie because she eats crickets, and also puts us some science about the slut gene. Jake Finnegan offers us a look into one possible (and horrible) future with Burkalesque Babe Heather Mitts.

Soylent Green kicks off the week with Anka, the Monday Motivationer, continues with something having to do with a power outage, hits Humpday with Shannon Stewart and a hall of mirrors, a comfortable if distracting ride, then on to Corset Friday, and on Saturday, some odd results from the Go(oglers). Oh, yes – did we mention that he’s less than 20K hits from his first million? I wonder if posting snooch like this might have something to do with that?

Proof Positive’s Vintage Babe this week is Cleo Moore, and for Friday night, the newly single Jennifer Lopez. Maggie’s Notebook offers the Ecclestone sisters, Tamara and Petra, while Postaldog remembers when Brigitte Bardot was young and hot before moving on to Adrianne Palicki. Dustbury satisfies my Zooey Deschanel needs and also takes a look at Katie Cassidy. The Rio Norte Line takes some time off for an Italian holiday and comes back with, appropriately enough, a Monica Bellucci post; also, a Bikini Battle Royale! (Hopefully without the exploding collars.)

Opinador Compulsivo kicks off with a link to this video by Elektrisk Gonner , notes the final episode of Dexter‘s current season with a farewell to Julie Benz, offers a little bit of Monica (Mambo #5!), Diana Rigg from her days with The Avengers, Melita Toniolo doing her Sophia Loren impression, and an extra (video) helping of Srta. Toniolo.

At The Camp of the Saints, the Rule 5 week begins with Carrie-Anne Moss, continues with the Rule 5 News, Marianne Gravatte, and finishes with summer wear for the ladies. Very nice.

We end this Rule 5 roundup as we end all such posts, with the excellent DaleyBabe slideshows from the most estimable DaleyGator: Marisol Nichols, Great Legs I, Great Legs II, Daphne Joy, an examination of Contessa Brewer’s sole asset as a talking head, Minka Kelly, and last but not least, a celebration of beautiful faces.

Thanks to all for their linkagery. For next week’s Rule 5 Sunday, please do not send your links to the same e-mail address as the FMJRA or delays/omissions may ensue. Instead, send your snooch links to Rule 5 Wombat by July 30 for proper, er, handling.


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