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LIVE AT FIVE – 07.26.11

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Obama And Boehner Go To The People

Speaker John Boehner

President natters in prime time without a plan

Norway Keeping Calm And Carrying On After Breivik Attack
He sought to spark a revolution but the nation remains phlegmatic

UN Races To Supply Food To Somalian Famine Victims
Airlift aiming to help 175,000 in remote zones

Facing Ethics Probe, Wu Suggests He May Resign

Congressman David Wu in saner times, addressing a town hall meeting

Insists he did nothing illegal, but support evaporating

Obama Seeks Rubes In Hispanic Community, Dangles Immigration Carrot

ABC Poll Claims Voters Blame GOP, Obama Equally For Unemployment

Governor Brown Pushes Twelve-Gigawatt Clean Power Goal, Vague On Details

Lawsuit Challenges NY Gay Marriage Law

Jury Selection Begins In Polygamist’s Statutory Rape Trial

ACLU Goes Fishing For Christie, Ailes Communications

Asian Shares Rise On Solid Earnings
Deadlocked Debt talks Weigh On Wall Street
Wall Street Makes Fallback Plans For Debt
Central Bank Of India Hikes Interest Rates To Cool Inflation
Airlines Balk At Passing “Tax Holiday” On To Passengers
Netflix Puts Streaming Into Overdrive As DVD Biz Peaks
Losing Ground, Blackberry Resets
Crackdown On Fake Apple Stores Begins In PRC
Apple’s New App Store Policies Zap Third-Party Store Links

Game On: NFL, Players Agree To New Deal

NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

Players get smaller percentage of revenue, but actual compensation increases

Mariners Extend Losing Streak To 16 In 10-3 Loss To Yankees

Ethier’s Dinger Helps Lift Dodgers Past Rockies, 8-5

NFL’s Free Agent Frenzy: A Thousand Deals to Be Done

Royals Play Small Ball To Beat Sox In 14th, 3-1

Wings’ Draper To Announce Retirement Today

Rangers Rout Twins. 20-6

Walden Blows Another Save As Angels Fall To Tribe 3-2

What Have They Done With Bryce Harper?

Amy Winehouse Cause Of Death Not Disclosed After Autopsy

The late Amy Winehouse

Private funeral to be held later today

Lindsay Lohan: I Wasn’t Drinking And I Wasn’t Drunk

Kristin Cavallari “Blindsided” By Broken Engagement

Leighton Meester Sues Her Mother Over Misused Money

Jennifer Lopez “Very Happy” Celebrating Birthday In Miami

Jesse James, Kat Von D Split

Half-Pretty Attention Whore Ejected From Comic-Con For Half-Dressing To Show It

“Community” Scoop: John Goodman Registers As Greendale’s Newest Foe

Neil Burger From “limitless” On Board New Bonnie & Clyde Movie

It’s A Boy For Lauryn Hill!

Horn Of Africa Aid Caravan Too Late, Again
UN Says Loyalist Sector Of Libya Facing Shortages
Clashes In Helmand Province Kill 22 Jihadis, 2 Police
PRC Launches Safety Campaign After Deadly Train Crash
US, ROK Stand Firm Against Norks: No Change In No-Nukes Policy
Vatican Begins Process To Expel Troublesome Priest; Publicly Recalls Nuncio From Ireland
Syria Permits Opposition Parties On Restrictive Terms

National Review: A New Deficit Plan – House GOP Optimistic But Wary
Weekly Standard: Allen West Gives Boehner Tea Party Boost
JustOneMinute: What If They Gave A Crisis And Nobody Came?
Keith Hennessey: President Obama Says No To A Bipartisan Debt Limit Plan
And So It Goes In Shreveport: Class Warfare, Slavery References, Damn The Corporate Jets — It’s Another Obama Speech! #Drink!!
Israel Matzav: If Breivik Is “Islamophobic”, Why Did He Target Blonde, Blue-eyed Norwegians?
Atlas Shrugs: Media Assassins
Radio Equalizer: Nordic Blame Game
Lonely Conservative: The Latest In The Debt Ceiling Debacle
Moe Lane: Good Lord, A Readable ThinkProgress Article
Don Surber: Blowhard Of The Day
Legal Insurrection: How Badly Does Obama Want To Get Reelected?
PJ Tatler: ATF, FBI Forced Gun Stores To Sell To Felons

SOTD: Destroy Everything You Touch


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