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World’s Youngest Blogger Is Thad McCotter’s Biggest Little Fan

Posted on | August 3, 2011 | 20 Comments

by World’s Youngest Blogger

I said I’d be rockin’ a fedora, once I got me some room, and so here I am, sporting my badness with dad:

Yes, it’s true that the hat had to be padded to fit my wee grape, but work with me; I’m all of one week old. Cut me some debt, deficit, and taxes, people!

Also rockin’: Thad McCotter’s Seize Freedom! Dad and I were recently perusing this little gem.

Of note, number three of his Tenets of Conservatism, on pages 35-36:

. . .conservatives understand that civilization is founded upon order, justice, and freedom. All three pillars must be present and balanced for American civilization to endure. Order without freedom is tyranny. Freedom without order is anarchy. And the often contradictory claims of order and freedom are reconciled by justice–those social and political decisions attempting to resolve the competing claims of order and freedom for the good of the people. Of course, conservatives also recognize that people are imperfect and possessed of free will, and thus the balance between order and freedom can never be perfectly or finally struck.

Conservatives will admit that groups of people will behave sheepishly, as when FDR’s New Deal attempted to substitute freedom from fear for freedom of action, i.e. liberty. However, unlike Progressives, Conservatives will never argue that people are sheep. That Jesus of Nazareth used the metaphor of sheep in a religious sense is true. Politically, American Exceptionalism is the notion that we’re here to be our own shepherds, not fall to some Progressive wolves armed with reams of legislation with which to shear us in support of a Utopian vision.

Thus we are blessed to have a few old school Americans like Thad leading the charge to emancipate my generation from the shackles of economic slavery foisted upon us in the name of Progress.

So get yourself a copy of Thad McCotter’s book, and support his candidacy for President. He is certainly a first rate candidate. His administration would not only be successful, but probably have the best dry one-liners in American history. This country badly needs a leader who can both do the right thing and do it with a sense of humor, neither of which seem possible for some we could name.

In social news, the big coming out party that had been notionally scheduled for 07 October has slipped a week to 14 October, so that my German grandmother can attend.

Update: heh–“Fedorated


20 Responses to “World’s Youngest Blogger Is Thad McCotter’s Biggest Little Fan”

  1. rosalie
    August 3rd, 2011 @ 1:49 pm

    He’s following in his father’s footsteps for sure.  Very cute!

  2. Joe
    August 3rd, 2011 @ 2:22 pm

    That is a cute picture.  He is a chipper guy for just a few days old. 

  3. FenelonSpoke
    August 3rd, 2011 @ 2:24 pm

    What an adorable picture! Smitty looks so proud. Congratulations and God bless your family!

  4. Dave C
    August 3rd, 2011 @ 2:42 pm

    I broke down and bought a Nook.. but it’s not available  on it yet.. 

  5. Nicedeb
    August 3rd, 2011 @ 2:48 pm

    Awwwww! Congratulations, dad. What a cutie!

  6. AngelaTC
    August 3rd, 2011 @ 2:52 pm

    What a sweet picture!!!! 

  7. Anonymous
    August 3rd, 2011 @ 3:06 pm

    Another case of extreme cuteness!!!!!! 

  8. GAHCindy
    August 3rd, 2011 @ 3:39 pm

    That is the cutest newborn I’ve seen in about 11 months.  Sorry, but my own newborn has to be cutest to me. :0) He might objectively be cuter, but I’m not sayin’.

    So happy for you! Tell Mrs. Smitty I think she done gud.

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    August 3rd, 2011 @ 12:13 pm

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  10. Anonymous
    August 3rd, 2011 @ 4:31 pm

    I know saying this is cheesy: but it’s stuff like this that keeps me going. 

  11. Anonymous
    August 3rd, 2011 @ 5:48 pm

    For most of us they are the only legacy that matters.

  12. Bob Belvedere
    August 3rd, 2011 @ 7:46 pm

    Well, Daddy-O…I see you still haven’t added him to the Axis Of Fedorables list.  What gives, old man?

  13. lonely conservative
    August 3rd, 2011 @ 8:32 pm

    What a cutie, and I’m not even lying! 

  14. Missred
    August 3rd, 2011 @ 11:58 pm

    congratulations!  he really is a living doll!  

  15. OldGrizzlyMama
    August 4th, 2011 @ 1:54 am

    He is so bright!  Congratulations and enjoy every minute!!!

  16. just a conservative girl
    August 4th, 2011 @ 3:00 am

    You do realize that he was thinking what the heck is this guy putting on my head don’t you? 

  17. Roxeanne de Luca
    August 4th, 2011 @ 4:05 am

    Awww!  What a cutie!

    I’ve never been so proud to bea  member of the Axis of  the Fedora as I was when I saw that picture.

  18. Anamika
    August 4th, 2011 @ 5:27 am

    I find this series very creepy. Why put words in the mouth of an infant who can’t even speak?

    Imagine if “World’s Youngest Blogger” grows up to be a freethinker, an Atheist and a liberal and writes blog posts under “World’s Most Proud Father” on behalf of his now heart broken, just turned senile, dad. You know just for humor sake. Karma and all.

  19. Anamika
    August 4th, 2011 @ 6:06 am

    World’s Most Proud Aunt, when are you going to have your own baby to put a Fedora on and spoonfeed conservative indoctrination at home?

    WARNING: You maybe in a danger of being cast out of the Axis of Fedora if you don’t marry soon and breed fast as per the conservative norms of marriageable age and motherhood and win Stacy McCain’s seal of approval.

  20. smitty
    August 4th, 2011 @ 11:17 am

    I suppose nothing is impossible. I know of an atheist fellow whose parents were Assemblies of God missionaries. If Niklas rejects the teleological point of life, i.e. Jesus Christ, it shan’t be for lack of example from mom and dad.
    To reject God is to be a fool, but to reject common sense and be a liberal is to embrace utter idiocy. Anamika, how many people do you know who have seriously read Hayek and still swallow the liberal line of malarky?