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More To The Point, Sarah Palin Has Weathered The Left’s Continuous Napalm Shower With Aplomb

Posted on | August 13, 2011 | 28 Comments

by Smitty

Dan Riehl:

Palin has two critical qualities, unique in that they combine in her. Beholden to no one, without fear, or restraint, Palin articulates today’s conservatism in a prudent, positive and cogent manner. More than that, the media, while much of it both loves and hates her, conveys her message to an audience far more broadly than they do for any other contemporary politician. I suspect, no matter who ultimately secures the 2012 Republican nomination, that will always be the case.

I agree with Dan’s whole post, but a third point (maybe a variation on the first point) is that she has already borne the brunt of an unbridled propaganda assault without crumbling. The more the minions of the Progressive Cthulhu strike at her, the stronger she becomes, and the more openly craven and stupid they appear. She rises like a phoenix from their ashes.

Why the continued hesitation, then? She has more to gain by not explicitely declaring. As Daily Pundit notes, quoting Zero Hedge, there are more seamounts ahead, across which BHO must drive the sinking ship of state:

The date will be on or about September 30th. The issue will be the need to pass a Continuing Resolution by the House.

For more than 850 days the US has gone without a budget. The House passed one not long ago; the Senate tabled it. The Administration has not offered up one either. The absence of an approved budget means that the only way the country can continue to operate is through a series of temporary extensions.

Think of the absolute value of the Daily Presidential Tracking Poll as a measure of degrees of list in the ship of state. BHO has been in the low 20’s for the last couple of days. How close to -30 approval can he go before capsizing?

After the next Wisconsin recall election, and after more debt crisis, Sarah reduces the risk that the Left can reconstitute itself by using hatred of her as a rallying cry. Also, while a few other GOP candidates are not necessarily bad for cover, letting the herd thin itself a bit, and letting the Left expend its energies against them, is not a bad thing.

Too, part of the problem with what Progress has done to America is that people have been reduced to an infantile impatience. Politics ain’t beanbag, and it also ain’t basketball, which is geared toward those lacking an attention span. Ironically, for someone who was once a basketball star, Sarah is showing massive amounts of patience, letting the game unfold at a medium pace. The Left is forced to recycle its talking points, excrete them, and re-consume them, enjoying the taste of its Progress all the while. And then she takes the occasional, well-aimed shot from the inexpensive high ground of her FaceBook page.

While certainly a violation of the Holy Narrative, her poise and control of situation is a stark contrast from the spineless impotence of her purported superior, the incumbent. Lay by your dish, Olbermann; get stuffed, Matthews; get bent, Maddow. Ya got nothin’, and neither does BHO.


28 Responses to “More To The Point, Sarah Palin Has Weathered The Left’s Continuous Napalm Shower With Aplomb”

  1. PhilipJames
    August 13th, 2011 @ 4:55 pm

    Watching all the video of Sarah Palin at the Iowa State Fair yesterday, I was struck by the fact she did not diss Bachmann, did not diss Perry or any of the other candidates…. she did make sure there was some distinction with her, but in a civilized way.
    Its simple…  she really does mean it when she says the the more the merrier and that primaries should be contested so that the best person comes out on top…
    and like she said yesterday, she will not be out hiring the usual suspects to work on her campaign. She said that in every election she ran in that she was outspent by 5 times, 10 times and she never led in the polls, but she won. So, take that as a sign that her campaign will be a lot of fun to watch. And lets be honest, don’t we really want a good primary battle? Because whoever comes out on top is going to have a really tough campaign to fight and when President, a heck of a tough time trying to fix the mess created by Obama, the Democrats and the corrupt Republicans.
    Some good Sarah stuff –

  2. Anonymous
    August 13th, 2011 @ 5:09 pm

    Smitty, talk to Robert. He seems opposed to The Gov.

    Palin is running a super campaign. The biggest hurdle is the vetting and there is nothing more to attack, but the others haven’t even been kissed by that yet.

    As POTUS I wonder who will be seated at the President’s press conferance? I expect it will be all new faces

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    August 13th, 2011 @ 1:11 pm

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  4. rosalie
    August 13th, 2011 @ 5:17 pm

    What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, as the saying goes.  She’s been fighting for what she wants since she was the Mayor of Wasilla.  Palin has experience and she’s tough.  Ask the good ol’  boys in Alaska. 

  5. ThePaganTemple
    August 13th, 2011 @ 6:01 pm

    Sarah can afford to bide her time, up to a point. If she’s going to declare, look for her to do it by Labor Day Weekend, or not at all. In the meantime, she’s not having to put out a dime on campaign literature or advertising time. She still gets to listen, learn, and evaluate all the other candidates, their relative strengths and weaknesses. When she’s ready to enter, if she does, she’s very likely to blow all the rest of them out of the water. Think of the impression THAT  would make on the mainstream media, if Sarah enters all all her fellow Republican rivals just fade away like the morning dew.

  6. Adjoran
    August 13th, 2011 @ 7:11 pm

    Has the date been set yet for the Mass Fanboy Suicide when she doesn’t run?

  7. Don
    August 13th, 2011 @ 7:34 pm

    Palin’s best feature is that nobody knows what she will do, and everyone wants to be the first to predict it. I’m not sure she would get the nomination if she did run, but I would vote for her over anyone else that is currently declared.

  8. Bob Belvedere
    August 13th, 2011 @ 7:49 pm

    I saw her on Hannity last night and she sure as Hell acts like somebody who is going to run.

    The thing that really impressed me was how articulate she was – none of the disjointed or out of order phrasing on her sentences.  Methinks she’s been practicing.

    Best line [quoting from memory]: We’re beyond ‘Cap, Trade, and Balance’.  It’s now ‘Cut the crap and balance’.

  9. Bob Belvedere
    August 13th, 2011 @ 7:54 pm

    Whilst not a Fanboy, I would be disappointed if she didn’t run because I think Mrs. Palin the only one who will fight this battle like George Patton – take it to the enemy, guns a-blazing, balls to the wall. 

    It’s time for a showdown with the Left, time to launch an all-out attack.  L’audace, l’audace, te jours l’aduace!

    We’re surrounded.  That simplifies the problem.
    –Chesty Puller

  10. Anonymous
    August 13th, 2011 @ 8:37 pm

    My belief is that when she stood in Wisconsin,
    on the front line of a major national battle, defying a snowstorm,
    defying the hateful, loud, rent-a-mob that surrounded her,
    defying the GOP elite, the Dem elite, and their media –
    she boldly proclaimed her commonsense conservative truths,
    often with a smile – sure of ultimate victory of the cause. . . .

    Anyway, she yelled something like, ‘It starts here. It starts now.’‘Mr. President – Game On!’

    To me, that was her battle cry. That was when she declared war, and started working her plan. I think she is working her plan to this day, and I even think things are going quite well.

    Who would have thought that, especially in New Hampshire, a Sarah clambake would beat out the “frontrunner’s” presidential announcement?

  11. rae4palin
    August 13th, 2011 @ 9:29 pm

    ” The Left is forced to recycle its talking points, excrete them, and re-consume them, enjoying the taste…”

    That’s some damn fine writing.

  12. rosalie
    August 13th, 2011 @ 11:49 pm

    I think she could handle him in a debate too. 

  13. Anonymous
    August 14th, 2011 @ 2:53 am

    She is waiting as long as possible because it is a wise use of resources and she knows that her family’s life and their freedom will be changed forever after.

  14. Anonymous
    August 14th, 2011 @ 3:22 am

    Even though she’s not a declared candidate yet she certainly is running the best campaign.  Getting her message out, keeping her base motivated, staying high in the polls, leading the media by the nose, avoiding being attacked by the others running, refining her skills, and doing it all on a dime.

    She’s bringing home the bacon and frying it up in a pan. 

  15. Anonymous
    August 14th, 2011 @ 4:10 am

    As far as I can see, she’s working a brilliant plan. Had someone emerged from the pack, locked up all the big money, and created that aura of inevitability, then I’d say that she missed her chance. But instead, things have fallen her way like clockwork, with several “shooting star” candidates rising up and burning out as she watches from her perch up in Alaska. Now, it’s basically Sarah Palin and the Seven Dwarfs — the coast is clear for her to walk onto the scene like the giant that she is.

  16. Dave Kawasaki
    August 14th, 2011 @ 4:29 am

    It will be a pleasure to watch her toy with zer0 in a debate before disemboweling him. With grace and wit. And a smile that looks like a smile to an observer, but like the ripping, crushing jaws of a grizzly bear to zer0. Ha. I can hardly wait.

  17. Anonymous
    August 14th, 2011 @ 11:44 am

    I find it amusing that an Iowa Republican state official said that Sarah will have to do some retail campaigning to win in Iowa.  The implication was as far from reality as it’s possible to be.  The implication was that a Palin campaign would be solely huge events and heavy advertising.  Sarah is the best retail campaigner in the nation.  She loves people and they love her.  A small-market TV reporter in Illinois commenting on Sarah’s visit to Eureka College sounded amazed that Sarah appeared without a swarm of security guards and hangers-on separating her from everyone else.  Maybe the reporter learned something about Sarah yesterday.

  18. Deetz
    August 14th, 2011 @ 12:29 pm

    I’ve heard she’s had a bit of professional coaching.

    I’ve always thought she drops facts faster than many can keep up with, including me.  

    Many will project this inability onto her, not including me.  

    As someone with ADD, it’s a matter of due course, the brain easily overloads the mouth.

    She’s resolved the issue, me, not so much.

    Palin/???? 2012


  19. Krobins533
    August 14th, 2011 @ 1:25 pm


  20. ThePaganTemple
    August 14th, 2011 @ 1:48 pm

    Obumble would be the recipient of four years of frustration and pent up rage, delivered with a smile and a wink. It would be a near orgasmic, orgiastic experience for those of us who support her to watch her rip that sniveling, arrogant little son-of-a bitch apart.

    Symbolically, of course.

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  22. Rich Graff
    August 14th, 2011 @ 3:02 pm

    It is going to a sight to behold the day Gov. Palin formally announcing her Presidential Candidacies soon and in 2015, her Republican Party nominations in 2012 and 2016, her lanslide General Election victories, and eight glorious years of prosperity, balanced annual budgets each fiscal year, maybe a new simplified tax law compared to the complicated garbage we have now. Defund and abolish governmental organizations like the oppressive communist EPA, Dept. Of Education, defund and abolish The United Nations and the NEA to name a few. A wholesale house cleaning of the Executive and Legislative branches of Government will occur the same day Sarah Palin wins the 2012 Election. The rest of the bureaucratic garbage goes to the dump after her inauguration as our 45th President Of The United States in January 2013. WAKE UP AMERICA!!! WHICH DO YOU WANT? WHAT CAN HAPPEN ON GENERAL ELECTION DAY 2012 IF SARAH PALIN IS ELECTED OR THE SAME DISMAL BULLS*** WE HAVE NOW IN COMRADE OBAMAO AND THE ELITIST LEGISLATIVE CRONYISM OF THE HOUSE AND SENATE.

  23. KC2011
    August 14th, 2011 @ 11:04 pm

    Right on Smitty.  With her unconventional-style campaign, she has more to gain by not explicitely declaring for the time being. Yet for her  supporters, it’s not been easy for them for the wait..

  24. Bob Belvedere
    August 15th, 2011 @ 12:32 am

    Man!  Does it have to be symbolic?

  25. Anonymous
    August 15th, 2011 @ 1:47 am

    Regarding Obama approaching -30 in Rasmussen:

    When W was the president, Rasmussen still polled his presidential approval poll like he does now, he just didn’t take the strong approval – strong disapproval number and talk about it and graph it like he does now.  But he did publish all four of those numbers (strong, somewhat x approval, disapproval); from what I remember of the worst of W’s numbers, they were about 17 strong approval, 18 approval, 22 disapproval, 43 strong disapproval– which is a -26.  I don’t think W ever got to -30, even in the lowest points of his second term.

    What I’m hoping for is to see Obama’s strong disapproval hit 50.  It’s back up into the low 40s currently; it had drifted down into the mid-30s before recent events.  Before that it had gotten up into the mid-40s.

  26. Lq3536265
    August 17th, 2011 @ 6:53 am

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