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LIVE AT FIVE – 09.27.11

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Senate OKs Stopgap Funding Bill, Prevents Shutdown

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

FEMA finds $114 million in couch cushions, fight over disaster relief funding and shutdown averted

Hikers’ Iranian Lawyer Denies Abuse Allegations
Surprise, surprise, surprise

NASA Satellite Falls To Earth
Nobody’s really sure quite where it landed

Perry’s Immigration Stance Not Going Down Well In Iowa

Rick Perry makes a stop in Newton, Iowa

Border fence, tuition issues keep coming up in campaign stops

Park Service Says Washington Monument To Remain Closed Indefinitely

Bloomberg: NYPD Has Secret Arsenal

Obama Says Failure To Pass Jobs Bill Means “We’ll Get A New Congress”

Some Republicans Backing Obama On No Child Left Behind Waivers

Obamacare’s Path To Supreme Court Cleared

Asian Stocks Gain On Hopes For Euro Zone Plan
Dow Closes Above 11,000 On Hope For Europe
New Home Sales Fall To Six-Month Low In August
United Airlines Feeling Merger Pains
Spot Gold Edges Down
Samsung Unveils Galaxy 8.9 Tablets, Pair Of Media Players
Android Powers 56% Of Smartphones Sold In Last Three Months
Does Facebook’s New Ticker Tell Too Much?
Amazon’s Small Gamble
2000-Year-Old Dead Sea Scrolls Go Online

Ozzie Guillen Headed For Marlins

White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen

Jack McKeon announced retirement from managing Monday; Guillen managed last game for White Sox Monday.

Red Sox Continue Choking, Lose 6-3 To O’s

Phillies Defeat Braves 4-2 For Win #100

Heisey Leads Reds Past Mets 6-5 With Bat And Glove

Eagles QB Vick Backs Off Criticism Of Refs; Reports Hand Bruised, Not Broken

Italian Team Offers Kobe Bryant $5 Million For One Year

Ttians’ Britt Out For Season With Knee Injury

3-0 Records Bring Hope To Bills And Lions

Selig Threatens To Kick Dodgers Out Of Baseball

Nationals Two Games Away From Finishing Over .500 With 6-4 Win Against Fish

Ellen DeGeneres Treated For Chest Pains

Ellen DeGeneres

Apparently doing fine after treatment by fire department EMTs

“Millionaire Matchmaker” Says Gay Men Can’t Handle Monogamy

Southwest Boots “L-Word” Star Off Plane After Other Passengers Complain About Excessive PDA

“Playboy Club” Star Sean Maher Opens Up About His Sexuality

Spencer Pratt Is Broke And Can’t Get Work

Charlie Sheen, WB And Chuck Lorre Reach Settlement

Saudi Trial Of ShamelessFemale Driver To Proceed
Typhoon Hits Philippines, Pretty Much Shuts Down Manila
Hacktivists Deface Official Syrian Websites
Two Monks In Tibet Set Selves On Fire
Bolivia’s President Suspends Amazon Highway After Clashes With Indians, Protesters
Monsoon Flooding Kills 48, Strands Thousands In India
PRC Butthurt Over Taiwan F-16 Upgrades, Scales Back Military Ties With US

American Power: Women Activists Pepper Sprayed At “Occupy Wall Street” Protest
PJ Tatler: CNN Post-Debate Poll Still Has Perry On Top
Andrew Malcolm: New Gaffe – Obama Confuses Jews With Janitors
Weasel Zippers: Maxine Waters Says If Obama Had Just Read The Teleprompter He Wouldn’t Have “Got Carried Away”
Michelle Malkin: Latest Obama Stage Prop – Retired Mega-Dem Donor/Former Google Employee Asks Prez To Raise His Taxes
NewsBusters: WaPo Hails Kagan’s “Bold Rookie Term” – Bold As In Liberal
NRO Corner: Reid Laments “Job-Killing” Cuts He Once Supported
Clayton Cramer: How Much Worse Can Fast & Furious Get?
Confederate Yankee: Gunwalker Bombshell Supported By Congressional Documentation
Hit & Run: An Earnest Cry For A Third Political Option Which Sounds Pretty Much Like The Democratic Party
Don Surber: Bad Move, Facebook
Pejman Yousafzadeh: John Mearsheimer Further Beclowns Himself, Film At 11
Jawa Report: Pakistani Imams Declare Jihad Against US Obligatory If Pakistan Attacked
Allahpundit: Hey, Who’s Up For Another “Maybe Christie’s Running” Post?
Big Government: Solar Decathlon Sign Powered With Gas Generator

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