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LIVE AT FIVE – 10.31.11

Posted on | October 31, 2011 | 3 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Northeast Recuperates From Snowstorm

Trees pick up extra snow in their unfallen leaves

Millions without power from Maine to Maryland

Cain Denies Report Of Sexual Harassment
Candidate to carry on with Monday’s planned appearances, denies allegations

Gaza Violence Subsides As Truce Takes Hold
Border quiet since IDF kills two jihadi rocketeers on Friday

Protesters Busted In Austin, Portland

A protester is removed from Jamison Park in Portland, Oregon on Sunday

Thirty arrested in Portland for curfew violations, 39 in Austin for criminal trespass

Oakland To Return Confiscated Medical Supplies To Occupiers’ Camp

Election Laws Tightening In GOP-Led States

Senate Tangles On Infrastructure

Despite Fiery Base, Paul’s Spark Not Catching On With GOP Voters

Axelrod Defends Obama’s Handling Of The Economy

Rick Perry Reboots Campaign (Video)

Beacon Power Goes Bankrupt, Had Federal Backing Like Solyndra
Yen Drops On Intervention; Australian Dollar Weakens
Qantas Planes Return To The Air After Court Order
ECB Doomed To Bigger Crisis Role Despite Itself
Oil Prices Drop On Stronger Dollar, Weaker Demand
Panasonic Reports Quarterly Loss, Expects Full-Year Loss
Software Bug Draining iPhone 4S Battery
Google TV Tries Again, Adds Android App Support
Apple Preparing Ultra-Thin 15″ MacBook
Windows Phones To Bring Cats, Control To XBox 360
Google Street View Heads Indoors

Eagles Run Cowboys Out Of Town

LeShaun McCoy begins celebrating as he approaches the end zone for his second TD

McCoy, Vick lead “the All-Hype Team” as the Cowboys get whipped 34-7

Steelers Beat Brady At His Own Game, 25-17

Lions Throttle Tebow, Broncos 45-10 (Video)

Stewart Snags Third Chase Victory

Giants Rally In Fourth Quarter To Win; Fish Still Stink

Senators Hang On To Defeat Maple Leafs

On The Glory Trail With The St. Louis Cardinals

Eight Nationals Declare Free Agency: Pudge, Livan, Wang, Returning?

Lindsay Lohan Cleans Up – Well, Her Smile Does, Anyway

Lindsay Lohan after her dentist appointment

Celebrity dentist brightens troubled star’s smile

See Heidi Klum’s Halloween Costume

Elisabetta Canalis: George Clooney Was Like A Father To Me

Drew Barrymore’s Neighbors Call Cops On Her Loud Party

Swank Sacks Staff After Chechen Gaffe

Nicole Richie Dead Ringer For J-Lo On Halloween?

Eva Longoria: Eyes On A New Player?

Central Bangkok Escapes Worst Of Flooding
Syria Warns: “Whole Region” Could Burn
Kirghiz Front-Runner Claims First-Round Victory In Presidential Election
Report: Kenya Targets Jihadis But Hits Refugee Camp
Iran: US Exit “Golden Victory”
Egypt Postpones Mubarak Trial To December
Former M-19 Guerrilla Elected Mayor Of Bogota On Anti-Graft Platform

Pat Dollard: Cain Accuses Planned Parenthood Of “Black Genocide”
Walter Russell Mead: The Social Security Lies Are Falling Apart
Lonely Conservative: Why Is College So Expensive? Blame Government! You’re Forgetting Another Large, High-Risk Group – Pole Smokers
Althouse: Bob Schieffer Can’t Control Himself On “Face The Nation”
Yid With Lid: LIAR! Scientist Who Claims To Have “Proved” Global Warming Accused Of “Fudging” Truth By Colleague
NRO Corner: One Size (Still Not Fitting All)
Tim Blair: Al Brings It
Gateway Pundit: Another Sexual Assault Reported At #OWS
The Macho Response: What Are The Dead *REALLY* Doing?

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  1. smitty
    October 31st, 2011 @ 5:31 am

    If only Bush had spent that stimulus cash on infrastructure, and not kickbacks to campaign contributors. . .

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  3. Why is College So Expensive? Blame Government! | The Lonely Conservative
    October 31st, 2011 @ 8:19 am

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