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LIVE AT FIVE – 12.06.11

Posted on | December 6, 2011 | 4 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

“Snow Revolution” May Leave Putin Out In The Cold

St. Petersburg arrest citizen at vote fraud protest

Protests erupt across Russia as international and domestic observers allege widespread vote fraud by United Russia

Tough Talk, Big Hurdles For Newt Gingrich
Says he plans to challenge Obama in all 50 states next year

US Army Admits Iranians Have Missing Recon Drone
RQ-170 may be surveillance drone deemed missing last week

California’s Brown Seeks Tax Hike On Wealthy

First the Governator, now the Initiator?

Planning initiative drive to raise taxes for taxpayers earning $250K and up; sales tax would also increase

GOP Rejects Democrats’ New Payroll-Tax Bill

FAA Chief May Lose Job After Drunk Driving Arrest

Supremes To Hear Case Of Arrest At Cheney Event

California Supremes Void Two Death Row Convictions

Obama Summons Inner TR In Kansas Payroll Tax Holiday Push

Former HP Chairman Patricia Dunn Dies, 58
Asia Stocks Drop On Europe Concern
Snail Mail Going To Be A Little Bit Slower
Gold Steady As S&P Downgrade Warning Weighs On Markets
Tech Firm Wants To Ban Office E-Mail
Feds Say Gulf Tuna Probably Okay After BP Spill
Amazon’s Cloud Extinguishes Kindle Fire?
Power In Numbers: PRC Aims For High-Tech Primacy
Giant Crash Wrecks Eight Ferraris & Other Exotic Cars In Japan
Facebook Hires Gowalla Workers, But Service To End

NHL Approves Radical Realignment Plan

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman

From six divisions to four conferences

Luck, Griffin, Richardson Lead Heisman Finalists

Marlins Turn Their Attention To Albert Pujols

Mets Say They’ll Be Just Fine Without Jose Reyes

Veterans Committee Selects Ron Santo For Hall Of Fame

Researchers Find CTC Evidence In Boogaard’s Brain

Thomas Leads Red-hot Bruins Past Penguins

Benicio Del Toro Not On Board For “Star Trek” Reboot Sequel

Benicio Del Toro

Couldn’t come to an agreement on the money

Rosie O’Donnell “Engaged” To Michelle Rounds

Robert Pattinson Seen Leaving Bar With Some Non-Kristen Stewart Female, Fans Outraged

Angelina Jolie: Kids Wonder Why We’re Not Married Like Shrek & Fiona

Peter Weller To Co-Star In “Star Trek” Sequel

Kim Richards Checks Into Rehab

“True Blood” Star Coming To Romance Jess On “New Girl”

“24” Heating Up For Spring Shoooting With Kiefer Sutherland In Jack Bauer Mode

Afghanistan Seeks More Financial Support
Assange Extradition Fight To Continue In UK Supreme Court
Egypt Runoffs Blighted By Lower Turnout, Reported Violations
Ivory Coast’s Gbagbo Appears Before ICC
Monti Warns Of Greek-Style Risk To Italy
Heavy Beijing Smog Forces Flight Delays, Cancellations

Weasel Zippers: Pelosi – On Second Thought, Maybe I Don’t Have Any Dirt On Gingrich
Legal Insurrection: To Whom In The GOP Is Newt Beholden?
Jim Geraghty: Newt’s A Fighter, No Doubt About That!
Betsy’s Page: Outsiders v. Insiders On Newt Gingrich
NRO Corner: Gingrich Is Candidate Most Approved By GOP Voters, Gallup Says
Ed Driscoll: Send In The Krugman
Neo-neocon: Kiss And Tell With Ginger White
Hit & Run: More Reporting On The How And Why Of Police Militarization
Hot Air: Most Ridiculous Headline Of The Day
Volokh Conspiracy: Mukasey On The Obamacare Recusal Nonsense

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4 Responses to “LIVE AT FIVE – 12.06.11”

  1. Adjoran
    December 6th, 2011 @ 5:48 am

    I thought Gingrich was supposed to be the History Professor.  The 50-state idea is either braggadocio or woefully misguided.  Richard Nixon blamed his loss in 1960 more on his pledge to campaign in every state than on the obvious voter fraud.  He believed he wasted key campaigning time late in the game by visiting states he couldn’t have lost.  He thought he could have instead made some battleground states too difficult to steal.

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