The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Newt Throws A Hail Sarah Pass?

by Smitty CBS News: Newt Gingrich, plunging in the polls, dropped this bomb Wednesday: he would consider asking Sarah Palin to serve as his number two or in his Cabinet if he became president. “She is certainly one of the people you would look at,” Gingrich said Wednesday, according to Right Wing Watch, when asked […]

Missing The Point On Marriage!

by Smitty I’m sure that Roxanne de Luca can pick up any oversights here, but the social conservative in me can’t help but yell at this post. We’re talking about marriage, not a game of chess. The conclusion: Marriage is extremely important for societal stability and survival. But the current legal form of marriage is […]

‘Quite a Difference!’

AMES, Iowa Here at Buffalo Wild Wings near the campus of Iowa State University, the place is packed with media covering the Rick Santorum campaign. I’ll have photos in a few minutes, but first, let me explain that title quote. On Aug. 11, after the debate before the Ames Straw Poll, I came to this […]

Guess Who’s Gonna Be Watching Hawkeye Football Tonight With Rick Santorum?

Well, me, obviously, but also all my friends in Iowa are invited tonight to the Des Moines suburb of Johnston for the party tonight as the Iowa Hawkeyes take on the Oklahoma Sooners:  8:45pm CT: Senator Santorum will host an Insight Bowl Watch Party in Johnston, IA. Location: Okoboji Grille 8481 Birchwood Court Johnston, IA So if any of my […]

New Polls Confirm Santorum Surge in Iowa; Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry Fading

One poll is getting the big headlines this morning: NBC poll: Mitt Romney, Ron Paul neck-and-neck in Iowa; Newt Gingrich in 5th The numbers from that poll, conducted Tuesday and Wednesday: Romney 23% Paul 21% Santorum 15% Perry 14% Gingrich 13% Bachmann 6% Similar numbers from a Rasmussen poll conducted Wednesday: Romney 23% Paul 22% […]

I Thought Fischer Sounded Fishy

by Smitty Bryan Fischer. . .ah, yes, back in April, when the stench of his writing reached me in Bagram, Afghanistan. When we pick a president, we are in fact choosing a minister of God . . .if we allow the Scriptures to speak for themselves, we are in fact choosing a minister when we […]

Rick Santorum to Ann Coulter: ‘I Mean, Ann, Should I Have Voted for Amnesty?’

During his speech Thursday night in Davenport, Iowa, Rick Santorum talked about his record in the Senate and mentioned that Ann Coulter had criticized him in her column for voting against “E-Verify”: But if Santorum wins, we lose on the second most important issue — illegal immigration — and he’ll be the last Republican ever to win […]

You’ve Got To Hand It To The Fetus

by Smitty Congratulations to Rachel Uchitel on the blessed event thought to be happening in April. Contrary to TMZ, this is a baby. We must fight the politically correct call to de-humanize our offspring by using alien terms like ‘fetus’. This blog wishes a healthy pregnancy and a happy life to the little girl. May […]

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