The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

IOWA NOTEBOOK: Occupy Caucuses?

Rick Perry speaks at Smokey Row coffee shop Pella, Iowa, Wednesday, Dec. 28, 2011 DAVENPORT, Iowa After days of chasing after campaigns, I find myself in the unusual position of waiting for the campaign to come to me. Rick Santorum will be here in Davenport this evening for a 7 p.m. event, and so I’m […]

Phil Klein Endorses Obama

OK, that’s a slight distortion: Why I’d back Obama over Ron Paul What I can’t understand is why Phil felt the need to write a column like that. Nobody who supports Ron Paul is open to persuasion, and Republicans who don’t support Ron Paul are unlikely to undergo a last-minute conversion at this point. (Unless, […]

Will The Laws Of Economics Support It?

by Smitty The post is titled: “I’m Proud to Be a Freeloader: Taking is as Important as Giving in Collaborative Consumption” No Right or Wrong Answer It’s a problem I’ve been pondering in my own experiences with setting up a neighborhood tool share. So far my neighbors seem delighted to lend, but I am the […]

‘Everyone Sells Out in Iowa’

DAVENPORT, Iowa According to Michele Bachmann, that’s what her former campaign chairman state Sen. Kent Sorenson told her before he switched allegiances to Ron Paul. Ed Morrissey is shocked — shocked! — to discover that Republicans can be bought, but it happens every day. Remember when Tim Pawlenty was supposed to be the “conservative alternative […]

Nancy Pelosi, Victim Of Those Bad, Bad. . .Campaign Donors

by Smitty Big Government quotes Alexandra Pelosi on poor wee Princess Pelosi: She would retire right now, if the donors she has didn’t want her to stay so badly. They know she wants to leave, though. They think she’s destined for the wilderness. She has very few days left. She’s 71, she wants to have […]

Arlen Specter, Stand-up Comic?

by Smitty NBC10 Philadelphia: The longtime Pennsylvania senator performed stand-up at an open-mic night at the Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia on Tuesday, continuing a post-politics foray into standup. “I’ve been in comedy now for 30 years,” the former senator told the crowd, reports the Inquirer. Specter took shots at former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, […]

Rick Santorum Gets ‘The Kind of Optics a Cash-Strapped Candidate Can’t Buy’

DAVENPORT, Iowa That’s how Alexander Burns of Politico sums up the elements that compose the last-minute “Santorum Surge” here in Iowa. The question is how high that surge will go, and the situation here in Iowa is so turbulent now that it is impossible for anyone to say. I spent hours driving to Pella yesterday […]

Shorter Victor Davis Hanson: Postmodernism Sucks

by Smitty Read all of VDH’s America’s Two-Front War What we have, then, is a war on two ends: the better off are hesitant to work more, given their fears that additional profits will either be more difficult to come by or not remain their own; the poor are hesitant to work more, given their […]

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