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LIVE AT FIVE – 01.17.12

Posted on | January 18, 2012 | 2 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Hope Dims As Search Continues Around Wrecked Cruise Ship

An underwater shot of the wrecked Costa Concordia

At least eleven dead, twenty-nine still missing as the search continues

Wikipedia Contributors Unhappy Over Site Blackout
Online encyclopedia goes black for 24 hours in protest of SOPA

Occupods Suspected In Smoke Bombing Of White House
Four arrested in anticlimactic “Occupy Congress” protest

Romney Catches Flak Over Tax Return

Governor Romney on the hustings

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t

Obama’s Jobs Council Calls For Tax Reform, Domestic Drilling

Opponents Of Wisconsin Governor File One Million Signatures

Alaska Expands Aerial Shooting Of Bears

GOP Candidates Vie For Backing From S.C. Veterans

NY Legislature Gets Budget As Cuomo Turns On Public Sector Unions

Sarah Palin Urges S.C. To Vote For Gingrich

Founder Jerry Yang Severs Ties With Yahoo
World Bank Slashes Global GDP Forecast, Outlook Grim
European Stocks Fall From Five-Month High
Fannie, Freddie Face Pay Cuts
Brent Crude Rises Above $112 On Weak Dollar
Japan Stocks Rise As Brokerages, Oil Companies Rise On Economy
Buffett Tax On Wealthy Backed By Millionaires – If They’re Exempt
Apple Said To Plan Textbook Push To Bolster iPad Use In Schools
RIMM Bulls Foiled Again; Samsung Says “Not Interested”
Microsoft Lays Out Windows 8 Tablet Requirements
Google Workers Caught Vandalizing Open Source Maps

Coach Caldwell Fired By Colts

Former Colts coach Jim Caldwell

Loss of Peyton Manning too much to overcome

Roseless Bulls Crush Suns

Heat Charges Past Spurs, 120-98

Oilers’ Hall Hurt During Warmups

Arkansas Falls To #2 Kentucky 86-63

Lincecum Offered Record $17 Million, Wants $21.5

Tigers Star Victor Martinez Injures Knee, Could Miss All Of 2012

Broad’s Double Strikes Dents Pakistan’s Progress; Holds Hosts To 138 For 2

Nationals Lannan And Morse Head For Arbitration

Lohan, Fox Contending For Elizabeth Taylor Role

Megan Fox

Lohan’s probation status “a complication”, producer says

Some Like Her Hot

Anthony Bourdain Rips Paula Deen As Scam Artist

Beyonce Rep Says Star Interview “Completely Made Up”, Magazine Stands By Story

Taylor Armstrong’s Friends Want Her To Go To Rehab

Taylor Swift: The Single Life

George Lucas Is Ready To Roll The Credits

Betty White Celebrates 90th Birthday With Mary Tyler Moore, Other Pals

Syrian Protesters Welcome Arab League Monitors
Israeli Defense Minister: We’re Nowhere Near Deciding To Attack Iran’s Nuke Program
Hungary PM Says Ready To Negotiate With EU
Russia: U.S. Deserves No Explanation On Syrian Arms
Pakistan Rejects U.S. Special Envoy’s Visit
Rick Perry Draws Rebuke From Turkish Government Over Debate Remarks
Researchers Praise Scott Expedition’s Scientific Legacy On Centenary Of Doomed Explorer’s Arrival At South Pole

Susannah Breslin: How To Get Married
NRO Corner: Chris Matthews Accuses Newt Of Using Racial Dog Whistles
Althouse: On The Day 1 Million Recall Signatures Are Filed, Walker Does Interview With Rush Limbaugh
WSJ: #OWS Sapped Of Cash
Lonely Conservative: Taxpayers Foot The Bill For Occupods’ Port-A-Potties
Pat Dollard: #OccupyCongress Protester Arrested For Assaulting Cop
Legal Insurrection: McCain Oppo Research Book On Romney Found Online
Weasel Zippers: It Was GOP That Caused Demand For Food Stamps!
Big Government: Newt To Juan Williams – Capitalism Is Not Racist
Rich Lowry: “Dude, Where’s My Lifeboat?”
AmSpecBlog: The Last Word On Governor Asterisk

SOTD: The Marshall Plan


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