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Is The Propaganda Business Flattening?

Posted on | January 22, 2012 | Comments Off on Is The Propaganda Business Flattening?

by Smitty

via Althouse

Angry over the Obama administration’s siding against SOPA and PIPA, [Former Senator Chris] Dodd says openly that the money the Democratic party regularly counts on Hollywood for might not be there this election cycle. One view is that Hollywood considers that it bought something very specific with it’s money, and it’s angry it’s not getting it. Should Obama be worried about this? Perhaps not. The guys from Freakanomics say that our assumption that money is the most important factor in deciding elections is a fallacy.

I’ll join the schadenfreude chorus on this one. It’s really hard to tell which has more static head: the Democrat party, or Hollywood.

Of course, if history rhymes, the second Obama administration will nationalize Hollywood. So that we can not drive to the movies in cars we’ve bought but don’t receive. There, we can buy tickets to movies we’ve already paid for that elaborate upon our stupidity.


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