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LIVE AT FIVE – 03.20.12

Posted on | March 20, 2012 | 6 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Romney Pushes Hard For Win In Illinois Primary

Mitt Romney speaks at the University of Chicago

Bashes Santorum on economy as he struggles to overcome the “enthusiasm gap”

French Police Worry About Additional Attacks In Wake Of Toulouse Attack
Final toll four in shootings outside Jewish school

Justice Department To Investigate Trayvon Martin Killing
Unarmed teenager slain by neighborhood watch member

House GOP Budget Proposal Targets Taxes

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.)

Reduces tax brackets to two, trims unspecified deductions

Contrition Accomplished? SanFran Sheriif Mirkarimi Gets Three Years’ Probation For Domestic Abuse

Obama Raises $45 Million For Self, DNC In February

Video Of TSA Toddler Screening Ignites Fury

Zero Tolerance For Return Of New York Occupods

Idaho Senate Votes To Require Pre-Abortion Ultrasounds

Santorum: Issue Is Not Economy But Oppressive Government

Oil Drops From Three-Week High On Signs Supplies Are Rising
Apple’s Next Hot Release: The Dividend Check
Crowdsourcing, Kaspersky Crack DuQu Virus Coding
Treasuries Snap Nine-Day Decline as , Stocks Commodities Slip
Berkshire Stockholder Suit Over Sokol Insider Trading Tossed
Government Turns $25 Billion Profit On Mortgage Securities Bought Under TARP
Inflight Gadget Ban Under Review
Wendy’s Becomes #2 In Burger Biz, Knocks Off The King
Windows 8 Reportedly Set For October Debut
Mike Daisey Presents: This American Lie
NetZero Offers Free 4G Service
Fragmentation Wounds Android In Developer War
Free Apps Waste Your Batteries

Manning’s Choice Sparks Mixed Reactions Among Broncos Fans

A farewell to Tebowmania?

Fans concerned that team is passing up opportunities for Tebow in favor of fragile QB “one hit away from retirement”

Rangers Outpunch Devils For Playoff Berth

Mets Settle Financial Suit, Not Yet Out Of Financial Woods

Thibodeaux Fastest NBA Coach To 100 Wins As Bulls Rout Magic

Tarheels’ Point Guard Goes Under Knife

Celtics Slam Back, Rally To Beat Hawks 79-76

Tigers’ Cabrera Gets Stitches After Fielding Grounder With Face

Bruins Demolish Maple Leafs 8-0 For Season Sweep

Grizzlies To Sign Free Agent Gilbert Arenas

Nationals’ Lombardozzi Turning Heads At The Plate And In The Field

Good News: Ashton Kutcher Being Fired Into Space

Ashton Kutcher

Bad News: He’ll be returning to Earth

Trump Slams Rosie O’Donnell

Bloodbath At Oprah Winfrey Network

Josh & Jessica Lucas Married – And Expecting!

What Have They Done To Demi Moore?

Pregnant Snooki To Appear In “Jersey Shore” Season 6

Jessica Alba To Release First Book

Lady Gaga: “I Do Not Intend To Speak To Anyone For A Very Long Time”

France Launches Massive Manhunt For Jewish School Killer
The Parallel Universe Of Bashar Al-Assad
Bombings Across Iraq Kill 28
Gallows Humor Over Iranian Nukes Widespread In Israel
Pie In The Sky, Pyongyang Style
Sri Lanka Divided Over UN Resolution
Pak Urges US To Stop Drone Attacks
Accused Soldier Hazy About Night Of Slayings
Report On Ousted Chongqing Party Boss Shows CCP Efforts At Damage Control
Zimbabweans Caught Watching Arab Spring Video Face Ten Years In Prison

Alice Schroeder: Buffett Message Is “Do As I Say, Not As I Do”
Lonely Conservative: Obama More Interested In Politics Than Governing, Blames Troubles On Fox News
American Thinker: US Wargaming Israeli Attack On Iran
Bristol Palin: Mr. President, When Should I Expect Your Call?
Don Surber: Bristol Calls Obama Out
NewsBusters: Surprise! CNN Legal Analyst Whacks Case Against ObamaCare Mandate As “Really Weak”
Jawa Report: Zawahiri’s Brother Freed By Egyptian Court
PJ Tatler: Russia Jumps The Shark In Syria
Hit&Run: Obama’s Daughter Vacations In Mexico, But Let’s Not Mention That – In Fact, Let’s Not Even Have Ever Discussed It
Weasel Zippers: Iranian Thugs Intimidate Dissidents During UNHRC Meeting
Maggie’s Notebook: The Bloody Irony Of Holder’s Anti-Gun Campaign
Jammie Wearing Fools: Maybe She’ll Take A Veteran On Her Next Vacation
Jihad Watch: Red Ken Livingstone Pledges To Make London A Beacon For Islam
Ed Driscoll: Don’t Cry For Me Syriana


6 Responses to “LIVE AT FIVE – 03.20.12”

  1. Bob Belvedere
    March 20th, 2012 @ 7:09 am

    The alt tag for the first picture should read: ‘Severe determination’.

    I understand that it’s first thing in the morning and all, Wombat, but, come on…jeez…

  2. Cliché of the day « Don Surber
    March 20th, 2012 @ 7:11 am

    […] Robert Stacy McCain. […]

  3. Pathfinder's wife
    March 20th, 2012 @ 8:19 am

    What do Mitt Romney and the Kama Sutra have in common?
    Each has more than a 100 positions on just one topic.

    Just thought I’d pass along a joke I heard while waiting for the polls to open…somehow I thought I’d be more fired up about voting this year, but I was wrong.
    From the yard signs this 4 county area is going Santorum/Paul, but it won’t make a difference because this is rural downstate; we never get to decide anything.  
    I noticed my mom has oddly switched from backing Paul (she started out supporting Cain) to being very pro Romney…maybe there is something to that claim of Fox News bias; she watches it round the clock.

  4. Book: Obama More Interested in Politics than Governing, but Blames Woes on Fox News | The Lonely Conservative
    March 20th, 2012 @ 4:12 pm

    […] interested in heading off the crisis. Everything they do makes it more inevitable.Update: Linked by The Other McCain – thanks!google_ad_client = "ca-pub-1395656889568144"; /* 300×250, created 8/11/08 */ […]

  5. Wombat_socho
    March 20th, 2012 @ 4:38 pm

     Steely, severe;  potato, potatoe.

  6. Eliane
    March 21st, 2012 @ 2:32 am

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